Custom Veterinary Software Development Services

Pawsome custom software development solutions for modern veterinary care!

Custom Veterinary Software Development Services

Pawsome custom software development solutions for modern veterinary care!

Custom Veterinary Practice Management Software Solutions

Our expert teams at BPK Tech leverage the power of AI/ML and LLM to develop cloud-based practice management systems that are state-of-the-art solutions.

These custom software solutions are meant to transform the way Vets operate their businesses by providing increased efficiency with automated workflows, and AI-powered solutions.

EHR/EMR Software Solutions

Our engineers deploy a comprehensive module for seamless patient management, covering everything from EMRs and vaccinations to prescriptions and diagnoses. Keep all vital patient details at your fingertips with our intuitive EHR/EMR software solutions.

Scheduling Software Solutions

We engineer scheduling modules to supercharge veterinary professionals' time management. With real-time calendar booking featuring intuitive colors, priority levels, and status icons, our system boosts clinical productivity to new heights.

Veterinary Client Management Software Solutions

Our teams craft the purrfect client management module akin to a personalized patient database for veterinary professionals. Seamlessly track patients, send customized emails and text messages, and set tailored alerts and reminders with ease. Elevate client care and communication effortlessly with BPK Tech’s intuitive veterinary solutions.

Accounting Software Solutions

For VET hospitals and clinics of any size, streamline your financial processes with our comprehensive system. From seamless card-on-file payment processing to automated invoicing and expense tracking, we've got you covered. Simplify your operations and focus on what matters most—caring for your patients.

BPK Tech’s Custom Veterinary Software Development Services

At BPK Tech, we understand the importance of having the right veterinary software for your business and providing the right patient experience to those cute little pets. 

With that in mind, our skilled developers and engineers from around the world can craft the purrfect custom veterinary software for your veterinary business.

Veterinary Mobile Application

Our talented engineers craft personalized cross-platform web and mobile applications, elevating veterinary care with telemedicine services, on-demand consultations, seamless video chat sessions, appointment scheduling, and electronic prescription management. Experience innovation at your fingertips with BPK Tech's tailored solutions.

Veterinary Inventory Management Software

We craft advanced veterinary inventory management software, empowering clinic staff to effortlessly monitor stock levels, optimize orders using historical data, track expiry dates, and manage real-time shipments. With seamless automation of payments and orders through integrated barcode scanners and robust database management systems, our custom solutions elevate efficiency, cut costs, and enhance security for veterinary practices.

Workflow Management Software

At BPK Tech, we craft dynamic practice management software solutions tailored for a diverse range of veterinary practices, from equine to small animals and everything in between. Our systems excel at enhancing client communication, allowing seamless payment processing, integrating with Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), and optimizing various workflows

Pet Portal Software Development

Our web portal wizards conjure up personalized pet portals, granting owners total oversight of their furry companions' well-being. From health records to nutrition insights, and oncology updates to online bookings, our portals keep pets at the forefront of care, ensuring no wagging tail or purring whisker goes unnoticed.

Veterinary Pharmacy Management Software

At BPK Tech, our veterinary practice solutions redefine the prescribing experience with our cutting-edge e-prescribing platform (eRx), seamlessly integrating with pharmacy management software. From streamlined communication to automated script re-ordering, we're revolutionizing the way veterinary hospitals operate.

Pet GPS Tracker Software Development

We're the brains behind the scenes, coding embedded software for RFID pet-tracking microchips and crafting GIS programs that adhere to ANSI and ISO 11784/11785 standards. Trust us to keep your pets safe and your data accurate with our precision-engineered solutions.

Custom Features Built Into Our Veterinary TeleMedicine Software Solutions

Transform your veterinary practice with our feature-rich management software, empowering seamless telemedicine interactions. Simplify communication, schedule virtual visits, conduct diagnostics, manage nutrition, and beyond, enhancing the experience for pet parents, their Tail-waggingly friends, and veterinarians

Online Scheduling

Payment Gateways

Mobile App

Automatic Appointment Reminders

Refill Reminders

Two-Way Texting

Digital Forms

Patient Management

Video/Chat Consultations

Record Consultation

Web-based Training Solutions

Online Review Management

Service Remainders

Automated Email Invites

ACH & Check 21

IT Support

BPK Tech Integrations

Effortlessly enhance your existing VET system with additional features and integrate seamlessly with other veterinary practice information management system (PIMS) APIs, tailored to your needs.

Microchip Integrations

Microchip Integrations

Third-Party Vet Software Solutions

Third-Party Vet Software Solutions






Veterinary Diagnostic Devices


Data Migration and Integration


Payment Gateways Integration

PMS/PIMS Integration

Veterinary PMS / PIMS Integration

Laboratory Software Integration

Laboratory Software Integration

Accounting Integration

Accounting Integration

Technology Stacks We Use

c plus plus
Microsoft Azure
google cloud

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