Testing and Quality Assurance

Software testing is a specialized area that BPK Tech manages with utmost care and our quality assurance team makes sure that the final product is everything the client desires.

Testing and Quality Assurance

As the saying goes the software that is built is as good as it’s test results. Software testing is a specialized area that BPK Tech manages with at most care.

Our focus has always been on delivering quality products and services that meet the client’s requirements and industry standards. At BPK Tech, testing is not seen as an additional activity at the end of the development process. Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort. Our software testing and quality assurance team members don’t just make the software, but they make the software better.


BPK Tech’s QA and testing team’s expertise and experience result in the perfect solution your business needs.

Functionality Testing

Why Do You Need QA and Testing?

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Errors are costly

Errors or bugs in your software can cost you loads of money the longer it goes undetected. It’s easier to fix the issue right at the earlier stages of software development and before release to prevent the rest of the development phase from being affected by the bug(s). Our quality assurance and software testing will prevent expensive errors in your product and provide you with a safe opportunity for release.


Clients trust your product

With a perfect product with no issues, a great user experience, and customer satisfaction, your business builds a great reputation. Your clients start trusting you when they notice you provide flawless products and services.

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Absolute perfection with no room for error

Imagine you released a product with no errors or bugs and the users are extremely happy with the product. That’s what a perfect product looks like, which is possible through BPK Tech’s QA and testing services. Happy client, happy life.

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A better product means customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the primary goal for every business, and once you achieve that, your business can do wonders. With our software testing and QA services, your product will see no crashes, glitches, bugs, or any issues which will result in a great user experience. The result? Customer satisfaction.

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Prevent potential crashes and failures

Perfect software means a product with all the desired functionalities for your target audience and a great user experience. The latter is possible when the product operates smoothly without any crashes and issues. Such software crashes and failures are prevented through QA and testing.

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Increased profit margin

Every single benefit of software testing and QA services we have listed so far leads to this one. Customer loyalty and trust bring in more clients through good word of mouth in the market, which means more sales. The more market shares you get in your industry, the better your profit margin from your product sales.

Our QA and Testing Services

API Testing

API Testing

Our team is always ready to assist clients with any issues on the product front. We use agile methodology, so we keep you in the loop and fix any concerns you may have during the development phase. Do you need any strategy on technologies to advance your position in the IT industry? We got you covered.
Performance Testing

Performance Testing

An exceptional team of developers work with technologies like Android, iOS, Java, Python, and many others to bring the best mobile and web applications into existence. Rest assured, our services extend beyond just the development phase.
Functionality Testing

Functionality Testing

A software is perfect only when it goes through proper testing and quality assurance. We at BPK Tech make sure to run it through rigorous testing and bring out an exceptional product with our QA software testing process.
Automation Testing

Automation Testing

Every system or software requires integration at a certain point to keep with the growing business requirements and market trends. We handle those integration – be it offline or in real-time – without affecting your current business processes.
Usability Testing

Usability Testing

The UI/UX design of an application is the very first thing any user will notice. So, we make sure that the design is top notch and attractive. We make it captivative and user-friendly.
Security Testing

Security Testing

Regardless of your project scale, our project managers, technical leads, and scrum masters excel at administering and managing a project through a strategic agile approach. Results? You get high quality products with efficient management and timely delivery.
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What’s BPK Tech Unique Selling Point?

If your organization is looking for a testing partner to carry out independent testing of your system and applications to provide you with a detailed test report along with suggestions to improve the overall system performance, BPK is the right choice for you. 

Here are the reasons why we are the perfect choice for you:

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