BPK Tech can develop you a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) using agile methodology, with a team of skilled developers in a planned sequential release.


BPK Tech can develop you a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) using agile methodology, with a team of skilled developers in a planned sequential release.

Our Customized Offerings for Various Businesses.

Data Warehouse

A Data Warehouse is an absolute necessity for any mid to large-scale business. BPK Tech’s data warehouse services help in simplifying and analyzing large data to transform your business for better results.

  • Data warehouse takes heterogeneous data and transforms it into business insights.
  • Highly secure data storage and integration with data encryption & masking.
  • Offers insights into daily operations, periodic trends, & predictive analysis to make data-driven decisions.
  • Easy Integration with 3rd party platforms.


We focus on our client’s needs and develop the perfect product by streamlining the whole process using agile methodology. Each sprint involves constant interactions with the client to update their requirements.

  • A well-planned and well-defined product backlog.
  • Better Transparency and improved delivery time to market with Minimum Viable Product (MVP).
  • The client or client’s team is constantly looped in about the changes with each sprint.
  • You can start small, keep it flexible, and get tangible outputs with each sprint.large data to transform your business for better results.


Azure Management

BPK Tech will streamline the continuous integration, development, and deployment by automating the entire process and reducing it to a one-click operation.

This will give your team the additional hours to focus on quality product/project development rather than focus on DevOps-related work on CI/CD.

  • We will provide you with recommendations on savings, optimal resource configuration, requirements for SOC-2 compliance, and more
  • Azure DevOps
  • Azure Portal Administration.

Custom Software Development

Custom Software is the need of the hour and BPK Tech delivers the industry-best custom software product, regardless of the domain.

Our custom software development team understands the client’s needs and builds a product that reflects the user’s business requirements.

  • We keep the client updated in each development phase as we use agile methodology.
  • Any changes required can be added based on the client’s requirements.
  • Be it any technology or programming language, we develop the product to reflect your business needs.
  • The product perfectly integrates with your existing business module and technology.

KPI Dashboard

Our KPI Dashboard allows users to understand their business more deeply by using data to get business insights and make data-driven decisions.

  • A single UI-friendly dashboard with all KPI metrics.
  • The dashboard and data are customizable based on client requirements.
  • Works for any business, and can manage data from multiple locations.
  • Data visualization is easier with various charts and graphs.


To keep up with the growing business market and upgrade your business, you need the right kind of technologies and software. Now, some of this software needs to be integrated into your existing system. This is where BPK Tech comes in.

We do a thorough analysis of your business and help you with the right 3rd party software integration. This is will help you run your business smoothly and reach new heights.

  • E-commerce integration.
  • Integration of payment gateways and order collection.
  • Data Warehouse integration (bi-directional data exchanges), APIs integration, data integration, and enterprise integration.

Testing and Quality Assurance

We at BPK Tech are committed to providing the best quality product possible for any business. At the same time, we help businesses with our years of expertise in software development through software Testing and Quality Assurance.

We don’t just make the software, we make the software better.

  • We offer various software QA Automation testing, QA Manual testing, QA Functional testing, and QA Usability testing.
  • Our software testing life cycle involves API, Performance, Database, Negative, Regression, Load, Critical Path, and Traceability Matrix testing.
  • We improve the overall system performance through Custom Quality Assurance.

Offshore Development

BPK Tech has an offshore team of skilled developers, engineers, designers, project managers, and testers ready to develop the best product for your business.

With the market in flux and the development prices not being budget-friendly, outsourcing your business to an offshore development team is always the best bet.

  • Cost-effective and reliable option.
  • A team of on-demand developers with every programming expertise.
  • Scalable IT and business solutions.
  • Constant support.

On-Demand Developers

BPK Tech has assembled a team of skilled Developers and Engineers who are ready to develop any product and handle any project regardless of the industry. You get to pick the desired developer to make your software development easier and cost-friendly. 

We can assist you with various app developments, web development, E-commerce platforms, DevOps, and much more using technologies such as:

  • JavaScript
  • Flutter
  • Swift
  • HTML5
  • C,C++,#C
  • Python
  • Java
  • .NET
  • SQL
  • Golang

Claims Tracker

Insurance claims tracking is a tedious task that takes up a lot of your time at your dental practice. You have to get in touch with the insurance payor and this process can go back and forth for a long time.

BPK Tech’s insurance claims tracking services can help you to track your claims in an organized manner, without any hassle.

  • We provide accurate claims status.
  • Our services will automate the whole process to cut down collection time from 60 days to 40 days.
  • Comprehensive reports on various details like accounts receivable, gross production, and count of opened & closed claims among other things.
  • A simple dashboard to access all the data in a single place.

Eligibility Verification

We completely automate the dental insurance eligibility verification process so there is no human touch needed. Because everything is done through APIs, Bots, and AI.

With our insurance eligibility verification services, you’ll see less to no paperwork, 80% improved efficiency, 100% data accuracy, and the whole process are done under 5 seconds.

  • Provides access to patient data and payor details without compromising HIPAA compliance.
  • Checks patient eligibility from day 0 to day 7.
  • Automatically writes the patient data into PMS without human intervention.
  • Provides various detailed reports on insurance status, deductible, payor & patient’s coverage, and patient’s history on other services.
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