Outsourced DevOps

If your organization is managing a large enterprise web application and your focus is making sure you deliver the product or project successfully, then the DevOps work can be outsourced to BPK Technologies.


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Streamlined Integration and Development

BPK Technologies will streamline the Continuous Integration and Continuous Development and Deployment by automating the entire process and reduce it a one-click operation. A detailed report gets generated on a daily basis on the health of the build, including the unit test cases execution or automated UI test case results.

This will give your team the additional hours to focus on quality product/project development rather than focus on DevOps related work on CI/CD.

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Extracting data from legacy or modern PMS and make the raw or aggregated data from the PMS available to the practice for further processing

Providing KPI Dashboards for the practices to measure their productivity and performances

Integrating third party systems with the PMS such as –

    • Payment processing
    • Patient Insurance Verification
    • Chatbot automation for patient enquiry processing
    • Compliance audit
    • Revenue Cycle Management or Claims processing

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