BPK Tech has been a pioneer in providing a custom software solution for Dental Practices in North America continent.


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Pioneer in the Dentistry Domain

BPK Tech has successfully delivered custom projects for our dental customers with varied business complexities and technical challenges.

Our technical team has designed several cutting edge, state-of-the-art custom IT solutions for our customers. Click here to know how we can help your practice automation.

BPK has rich experience in working with individually owned small dental practices to a large enterprise Dental Service Organizations (DSOs). If you are a small dental practice or a large DSO, connect with our Sales team to know more about the IT service offerings from BPK.

Our solutions in the space of dental practices have significantly been in the following areas

Our ONE API solution will help you by extracting the data from your PMS which can then be consumed by any application of your choice. You can either have the data in a raw format or it can be aggregated.

Providing KPI Dashboards for the practices to measure their productivity and performances

Integrating third party systems with the PMS such as –

    • Payment processing
    • Patient Insurance Verification
    • Chatbot automation for patient enquiry processing
    • Compliance audit
    • Revenue Cycle Management or Claims processing

Subscription Model is a specialised SaaS product suite built specially for the dental industry. With over a decade of experience in the dental domain, BPK team of engineers have developed this tailor-made product suite for the dental practices. The subscription model offered under the SimplifiDentistry product offerings allows practices to focus on their core business area and less on the IT infrastructure. Managing the hardware and software resources in the cloud reduces the complexities of managing your business. Visit for more information. Schedule an appointment with our sales team to understand the product features of SimplifiDentistry

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