BPK Technologies has team well versed in developing ERP solution for construction industries in North America region.


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Redefining the Construction Industry

For our customers in Canada, we have developed an enterprise-level cloud application using cutting edge technologies that are ready for the Future.

Our solutions in the construction industry

Handling and carrying Plans and Designs of a Project isn’t easy always. However, we make it simpler and give access to the Site Supervisor or a Construction Manager or to any required personnel just by a click from an Admin. This is easy and effortless and can be done on your regular mobile device as well.

Be it a Project / Building / Unit plan or be it a Sales Agreement or a Possession document, everything at one place nicely categorized based on the stage of construction or based on the undertaking personnel. This is easy and effortless and can be accessed on your regular mobile device as well.

From Excavation to Prewalk/ Possession, all stages workflow can be defined, track progress, add delay notes, add additional documents etc.. everything at one place on the finger tips to make the workflow management at ease.

No more labels “Authorized Personnel Only” stickers on the doors. This is now a Construction Software you are working with and any access to the details is now under control of admin and just toggle grant or deny permission to required personnel to anything in the entire system or just a part of the system.

Tracking your accounts receivable is crucial to managing your cash flow. While your sales might be going well, if your accounts receivable continues to grow and your customers aren’t paying you fast enough, you could find yourself in a cash crunch. Tracking accounts receivable is critical to staying on top of the situation so that you can make sure to collect the money that is owed to you that to just by looking at the Dashboard Graphs either on a computer or from a Mobile device.

The concept of a sales process is not a secret. However, tracking and managing Sales and Sales Teams is not always easy unless there is a stringent role. Be it assigning a Project / Building / Unit to a Sales Team or a Sales Executive in a Sales Team is now just a click away. You can give access to Sales Executive to generate an Offer, give effective offers, Hold a Lot etc.

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