Open-Source Development Services

We offer scalable and secure open source software development services that are customizable.

Open-Source Development Services

We offer scalable and secure open source software development services that are customizable.

Hire Our Expert Open-Source Developers

BPK Tech being a top-notch software development firm provides a wide range of services including bespoke open-source development, UI/UX design, system integrations, DevOps, rapid prototyping, customizations, migrations, re-engineering, and security programming.
Open-Source Software Development Services

Open-Source Software Development Services

With our extensive knowledge in specific fields and varied industry backgrounds, we have the capability to create and deliver dependable, resilient, and swiftly implemented websites, web apps, mobile apps, software solutions, open-source integrations, and many other offerings.

Open-Source Integration & Web Portals

Open-Source Integration & Web Portals

Our developers specialize in integrating open-source solutions, seamlessly connecting applications with scalable cloud platforms, customizable modules, and powerful functionalities. This enables us to build advanced web portals that optimize business processes for large organizations.

Open-Source App Development

Open-Source App Development

With our exceptional custom web and mobile app development services, we outshine competitors. We strengthen internal development teams with cost-effective developers and empower startups to grow by creating full-scale enterprise applications.

Open-Source Migration & Upgrades

Open-Source Migration & Upgrades

Our experienced developers offer comprehensive website IT support, including debugging, troubleshooting, data migration, and software updates. With their expertise, your systems will always run smoothly and stay up-to-date with the latest software versions.

Open-Source Software (OSS) Solutions

At BPK Tech, we invest time in comprehending your project through requirement gathering, creating wireframes, designing intuitive interfaces (UX/UI), developing, and deploying bespoke open-source software solutions. Our aim is to propel your business towards a successful future.
Open source
Custom BI

Open-Source CRM Software Solutions

We specialize in developing customized open-source CRM solutions that simplify pipeline management, expedite deal nurturing, encourage collaboration with communication tools, and automate daily operations effectively.

Data Warehouse

Open-Source ERP Software Solutions

Our team utilizes advanced technology stacks to build scalable open-source ERP software solutions that automate essential workflows and deliver valuable data insights across on-premises, mobile, and web-based platforms.

Software Solutions

Open-Source CMS Software Solutions

If you need open-source CMS development services, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more, our skilled team of CMS developers is ready to deliver efficient solutions in no time.

Interactive Reporting and Dashboards

Open-Source E-Commerce Software Solutions

We deliver open-source e-commerce solutions that deliver full customization and management of online channels, crafting websites that deliver a comprehensive customer journey through search engine optimization (SEO), efficient catalog administration, and diverse marketing instruments.

Our Preferred Open-Source Development Tools

c plus plus
Yii framework
Zend framework


Open-source software refers to computer software that is made available with its source code, allowing users to view, modify, and distribute the software. Open-source software development services involve creating, customizing, and maintaining software solutions using open-source technologies and tools. These services offer the benefits of transparency, flexibility, community collaboration, and cost-effectiveness to businesses and organizations seeking tailored software solutions.
Open-source software provides users with the freedom to access and modify the underlying source code, fostering flexibility and community participation. In contrast, proprietary applications have limited source code accessibility and follow closed development methodologies. Open-source software is distributed under permissive licenses, while proprietary applications are subject to restrictive licensing terms.
Enterprises opt for open-source web development due to the benefits it offers. Open-source software provides users with control over the code, allowing them to examine and modify it as desired. This fosters learning and skill development, as students can study and share open-source code to improve their programming abilities. Additionally, the collaborative nature of open source enables a faster identification and resolution of security issues, making it a preferred choice for those concerned about software stability and reliability.
At BPK Tech, we have experts in Agile methodology who fastrack the development process in an efficient manner to develop the desired results. We deliver the Most Viable Product (MVP) within 3-4 months depending on the scale of the project
With our industry experts at the helm, BPK Tech offers Open-source app development, open-source migration & updates, open-source integration, open-source web portals, open-source CRM software solutions, open-source ERP software solutions, open-source e-commerce solutions, and open-source CMS software solutions.

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