BPK Tech has a huge team of skilled developers that can work on any project using any technology.


BPK Tech has a huge team of skilled developers that can work on any project using any technology.


Flutter Developers

Do you need a high-performance application for Android, web, or iOS? Well, we got it. Our developers use Flutter to create high-level cross-platform applications.

JavaScript Developers

One of the most popular client-side languages that is used for 95% of websites is JavaScript. With JavaScript we design all kinds of mobile applications and interface-rich websites that have a great response time.
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C++ Developers

With C++, you can build complex algorithms of high-level applications for various devices. Fortunately, BPK Tech comprises a team of skilled developers who know how to leverage this powerful coding language and build various applications for our customers.

HTML5 Developers

Every great web application or website requires a robust base of HTML5 coding. And all our web applications are built on such strong HTML5 programming for best performance.

Perl Developers

Another high-level dynamic programming language is Perl. Our developers use Perl language when working on web development, network integrations, GUI developments, and as well as other complex tasks.

Swift Developers

BPK Tech’s team of seasoned developers use the swift programming language to create easily migratable and forward-compatible custom macOS and iOS applications.

C# Developers

Cross-platform functionality is something every gamer desires. To build application which support such features, we use C# to make Android applications. We cannot forget about VR now, can we? For this, our developers use the powerful Unity Engine, which also is supported across multiple platforms.

Ruby On Rails Developers

In this world where every second a new startup or a business pops up in the market, you have to have the right application to keep up. This is only possible when you have scalable applications. BPK Tech’s developers use Ruby on Rails to create such products which will help you scale your business at a faster pace.

SQL Developers

SQL is a must for any database architecture, and our team of developers use Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL to optimize querying, data retrieval functions, and also enhance automated reporting software.

Golang Developers

We create all kinds of system-level solutions that are cloud-based and are developed using GO, Google’s open-source programming language. The Go or Golang is modeled after C, and our developers use it for large-scale operations.

Java Developers

Apart from using C# and Unity Engine, we also use Java programming to create many e-commerce apps, mobile games, and other applications. This isn’t just for games, but also to build enterprise-level websites, Its augmentations, and any other content-rich applications.

.NET Developers

Most web-based applications or embedded software require Microsoft’s t’s .Net Framework Class Library (CFL). So, our developers use that along with Visual Basic and Common Language Runtime (CLR) to create applications for various industries.

Python Developers

If there’s any programming language that is being used everywhere and in almost everything then it’s Python. We at BPK Tech have a team that develops software using python programming that helps us play with complex algorithms and improve the computing capabilities of a program. Things like automating statistical functions, ML, and big data applications.

PHP Developers

Remember how we mentioned that we create powerful web applications with HTML5? Well, that is only possible when you also have a powerful script written by PHP developers. BPK Tech uses both PHP and HTML5 scripts to make industry-best applications like agnostic APIs, content management systems, data warehouses, and many dynamic applications.

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