Software Development Services for Lending Industry

We bring our financial expertise to help businesses with lending software development services and loan management solutions.

Software Development Services for Lending Industry

We bring our financial expertise to help businesses with lending software development services and loan management solutions.

At BPK Tech, our skilled fintech developers specialize in crafting diverse financial solutions. Our offerings encompass debt collection services, credit scoring platforms, merchant cash advance solutions, loan origination systems, commercial lending software, mortgage platforms, loan management software, automotive financing solutions, and much more.

We seamlessly integrate Equifax APIs, appraisal software, and microloan applications into our robust microfinance system and microloan programs.

Alternative Lending

Automotive Finance

Loan Software

Debt Collection

Mortgages Software Management

Merchant Cash Advance

ICE Mortgage Technology

Our Services are AI-Powered with a Centralized Database

BPK Tech is a leading provider of exceptional development services for lending management, harnessing the power of AI technology and secure databases for optimal efficiency and reliability.
Azure AI

AI-Powered Tech

Unlocking the potential of data analysis, risk prediction, and automation, BPK Tech's advanced solutions empower lending institutions. Our cutting-edge technology, powered by AI and machine learning, streamlines loan application processing, automates document verification and liberates valuable staff resources. Experience optimized lending operations reduced manual labor, and superior outcomes with our AI-driven platform.

Azure Database

Centralized Database

Experience the power of a centralized database, where data integrity, security, and streamlined access converge. Our skilled developers at BPK Tech specialize in delivering exceptional database development solutions, enabling lending companies to efficiently and securely manage their data. Trust us to optimize your operations and elevate your lending decisions.

Alternative Lending Software Development Services

Explore a realm of alternative lending software solutions, encompassing crowdfunding, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending, Online Platform-Based Business (OPB) lending, and additional options. Witness the emergence of new possibilities in the lending landscape through our diverse range of cutting-edge platforms.
Alternative Lending Software Development Services

P2P Lending & Borrowing

Recognizing the intricacies and competitiveness of the P2P lending sector, BPK Tech collaborates closely with clients to grasp their distinct business needs. Our mobile development solutions are meticulously crafted with a focus on quality assurance, delivering mobile-responsive P2P lending applications. These applications encompass loan monitoring procedures, social networking features, collaboration tools, and an array of other functionalities.

Loan Origination Software

Our expertise lies in programming predefined lending rules and qualification algorithms, enabling seamless automation of loan origination, underwriting, and servicing procedures.

Loan Management Modules

Our diverse range of loan management modules revolutionizes the way businesses handle their loan processes, eliminating the need for outdated spreadsheets and inefficient systems.

Crowdfunding Platforms

Unlock the potential of your business with our cutting-edge crowdfunding software and websites. Our solutions are meticulously crafted to be fully functional, scalable, and tailored to meet your business's distinctive needs.

Automotive Finance Loan Software Development Services

Our expertise lies in crafting personalized automotive finance loan software solutions that optimize loan approval processes in real-time, ensuring seamless operations.

Our exceptional automotive finance servicing software solutions empower businesses to manage the entire servicing lifecycle seamlessly.

Harnessing our specialized knowledge, we craft bespoke software solutions for automotive loan finance that is designed specifically for car dealerships. Our cutting-edge features seamlessly navigate the entire lifecycle of auto loan processing, delivering unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness.

Our integrated "Buy now & Pay" software, coupled with Document Management Software (DMS) platforms, ensures seamless tracking of loan accounts and enables in-depth analysis of loan performance.

Unleash the power of our automated car dealer collection platforms for "Buy Now & Pay" programs. Our ingeniously integrating GPS hardware with account management and asset tracking software creates a seamless and efficient solution.

Digital Loan Software Solutions

Empower your financial institution with our tailored loan software solutions. Our comprehensive offerings include origination, servicing, and decision support features, customized for banking and credit unions.

Loan Software Development Services

Our expertise lies in developing comprehensive solutions for loan servicing, loan management, loan origination systems, and loan decision support systems. These solutions are designed to streamline customer workflows and enhance operational efficiency.

Loan Management & Servicing

Maximize your lending potential with our cutting-edge loan servicing and Loan Management Systems (LMS). Powered by AI, our platform empowers lenders to increase revenue, reduce risk, automate compliance, and make informed decisions.

Loan Decision Support Software

Harness the potential of our advanced loan decision support software, providing lenders with a crucial understanding of behavioral characteristics and patterns for enhanced decision-making capabilities.

Mortgage Software Development Services

Our resilient and tailored mortgage management software solutions cater to various processes, including underwriting, title services, claims, risk assessment, and credit management.

Mortgage CRM Solutions

Discover our custom mortgage CRM solutions that seamlessly integrate pre-qualification algorithms. These solutions are expertly designed for efficient event tracking and regulatory compliance.

Application for Mobile Accounting

To improve operational accounting workflows, we at BPK Tech can develop the right mobile accounting app with native development that is cross-platform responsive.

Mortgage Management Software

Empower your mortgage operations with our customized software solutions, efficiently managing end-to-end loan cycles for commercial and residential properties.

Title Service Software

Experience the power of our mortgage title service solutions, designed to streamline the management of appraisals, inspections, deeds, lien holders, and various other essential features.

Merchant Case Advance Software Development Services

We elevate merchant case advances processes by developing software solutions fit for all kinds of organizations.

CRM solutions sor merchant cash advance

Experience our state-of-the-art CRM software solutions for merchant cash advance, meticulously engineered to assess agent performances and seamlessly track pipelines for enhanced efficiency.

Payment processing integration

Payment processing integration for MCA

Embrace seamless integration with payment processing providers and ACH payment gateway APIs, enabling real-time monitoring of daily transactions, status updates, and various critical processes.

MCA portal software development

MCA portal software development

Access the power of our role-based access control software development to create specialized user account portals, tailor-made for brokers to effortlessly submit merchant deals.

Custom Online Banking Apps

MCA servicing

Experience our cutting-edge MCA servicing software solutions, expertly designed to streamline merchant deal management. With custom commission management modules at its core, our solutions empower businesses with unparalleled efficiency and control.

ICE Mortgage Technology Support and Integration Services

Our expertise lies in crafting personalized automotive finance loan software solutions that optimize loan approval processes in real-time, ensuring seamless operations.
Unlock the potential of the Encompass® Lending Platform, seamlessly connected to a range of Encompass® applications and extensions, empowering streamlined workflow automation processes.
Experience our tailored implementations of customizable components for ICE Mortgage Technology Encompass®, enabling lenders to effortlessly comply with the latest federal regulations and standards in the mortgage industry.
We provide independent software vendors and lenders with the power of unrestricted access to a wealth of developer resources through our utilization of ICE Mortgage Technology's Encompass® Developer Connect Assistance.
Experience the potential of our software integrations within the Encompass® Lending Platform, fostering efficient and effective communication, seamless loan origination, and strengthened regulatory compliance in real-time.

Debt Collection Software Solutions

We at BPK Tech empower you with tailor-made debt collection software solutions, meticulously engineered to facilitate easy integration with credit bureaus, case tracking, and foster customer and team relationships.

Case Management for Debt Collection

We help you realize the transformative capabilities of our bespoke software solutions, empowering agencies to effortlessly control, manage, and automate the entire debt collection and case management process.

Credit Risk Reporting

Unlock the potential of our custom credit risk reporting software, seamlessly integrated with leading credit bureaus such as TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. Experience advanced credit report scoring and analysis like never before.

Contact Management Algorithms

Our adept engineers develop advanced debt collection contact management algorithms that seamlessly integrate contact database management, intelligent callback scheduling, predictive dialing, and a range of other cutting-edge functionalities.

Payment Portal for Debt Collection

Our team specializes in crafting personalized debt collection payment portals that seamlessly integrate with payment processing software, providing a simplified and efficient payment process for collections.

Technology Stacks We Use

c plus plus
Microsoft Azure
google cloud


Lending software revolutionizes and streamlines the lending journey. It manages loan requests, credit assessment, documentation, loan administration, risk mitigation, compliance, and data analysis. It empowers lenders to make knowledgeable choices, enhance operational efficiency, and deliver a seamless borrower experience.
Custom Salesforce Development Services refer to the specialized services provided to businesses for the creation, customization, and enhancement of Salesforce applications and solutions. These services include Salesforce consulting, application development, integration, customization, and support, tailored to meet the unique requirements and goals of each organization.
Loan origination software, also known as lending software, is a specialized solution that automates and streamlines the process of initiating loans. It assists lenders in managing loan applications, assessing borrower eligibility, conducting credit evaluations, and generating vital loan documentation. By optimizing the loan origination process, this software enhances operational efficiency and delivers a seamless experience for borrowers.
Lending software development services are beneficial for various industries that engage in lending activities. These industries include banking and financial institutions, credit unions, mortgage companies, microfinance organizations, peer-to-peer lending platforms, online lending platforms, and any other business involved in providing loans or credit services. The software can be customized to meet the specific needs and regulations of each industry, enabling efficient and compliant lending operations.
Our services and solutions include loan software development, mortgage software management, debt collection software, alternative lending software development, AI-powered centralized database, crowd funding platforms, loan management modules, loan servicing & management, loan origination systems, auto finance loan software solutions, merchant cash advance software solutions ICE mortgage technology integration services, are a few of our popular offering for lending software solutions.

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