Legacy Modernization and Migration Services

From old, dusted ways to scalable & transformative solutions with our legacy modernization and data migration services.

Legacy Modernization and Migration Services

From old, dusted ways to scalable & transformative solutions with our legacy modernization and data migration services.

BPK Tech’s Legacy App Modernization Services Help You Stay Updated

BPK Tech provides dependable services for upgrading and transferring outdated software systems to cutting-edge IT technology, while also crafting tailored migration solutions for legacy applications.
Legacy Infrastructure Modernization

Legacy Infrastructure Modernization

We transition your existing infrastructure to a modernized infrastructure, freeing up your time from maintaining outdated legacy applications and software systems, and enabling you to dedicate more attention to revenue-generating endeavors.

Legacy Application Modernization

Legacy Application Modernization

BPK Tech's strategy for modernizing legacy applications aims to minimize risk, boost efficiency, and elevate user satisfaction by facilitating alignment with current business needs, integrations, security measures, and compatibility.

Legacy System Modernization

Legacy System Modernization

We revamp outdated applications by incorporating enhanced User Interfaces (UI), resilient relational databases, and upgraded operating systems. This comprehensive modernization approach ensures the integrity of data and enables seamless functionality for crucial systems.

BPK Tech’s Legacy Migration & Modernization Services to Fix Any IT Challenges

Unlock heightened operational flexibility through BPK Tech’s services for modernizing legacy systems. We alter or transfer current disparate systems operating on outdated programming languages (AS/400, Pascal, RPG, COBOL, etc.), assisting enterprises in embracing emerging technologies and fostering a culture of innovation.
Enhance Stability & Performance

Enhance Stability & Performance

BPK Tech's legacy migration and modernization services, tailored for enterprise needs, address the challenges posed by outdated systems by connecting legacy systems with other IT systems. This integration bridges the gap and boosts the stability and performance of your overall system.

Cut Down Cost of Care

Cut Down Cost of Care

Our services for legacy migration contribute to substantial cost savings in acquiring and upkeeping legacy programming languages and development tools. As a result, the expenses associated with maintaining the underlying hardware platforms of your old system are significantly reduced.

Reduce Security Risks

Reduce Security Risks

BPK Tech offers assistance in enhancing security and minimizing potential risks by integrating inherent security protocols in cloud-based solutions. These measures are specifically designed to mitigate potential disruptions and streamline business operations through an automated and centralized workflow.

BPK Tech’s Legacy Migration Process

Our team of specialists in legacy system migration offers comprehensive assistance in all aspects of validation testing, migrations, and data conversions. We develop personalized automated translation tools for databases, programming languages, and operating systems, facilitating a more flexible and efficient business workflow.

BPK Tech constructs bespoke business process automation solutions that are specifically tailored to assist business managers in simplifying their operational procedures, optimizing workflows, and attaining outcome-oriented outcomes by automating labor-intensive business processes and repetitive assignments.

Leveraging the expertise of our highly skilled developers, we will seamlessly migrate your database from the current mainframe/monolithic infrastructure to a reliable cloud environment, carefully tailored to meet your specific data management requirements.

This transition will be executed without any disruption to the existing on-site functionality of your system.

Drawing upon our vast expertise in application programming interfaces (APIs), web services, DevOps practices, open-source utilities, and more, coupled with our comprehensive evaluation of your existing legacy systems, we provide a migration solution that aligns with your goals and ensures your business remains resilient against market disturbances.

In order to evaluate the feasibility of modernizing your current legacy setup, we utilize our automated assessment utilities to generate a blueprint of your application code and infrastructure. This enables us to offer migration recommendations and develop a personalized roadmap for legacy modernization.

Legacy Modernization Process of BPK Tech

Revitalize your existing mainframe applications and legacy systems by transitioning them to cloud-based or hybrid platforms, whether on-premises or off-premises. This ensures the preservation of data integrity, enhances security measures, improves accessibility, provides greater flexibility, and ensures seamless functionality.
Legacy Modernization
Cloud-Native Replatforming

Cloud-Native Replatforming

We make adaptations and substitutions to the necessary elements to facilitate the migration of your legacy systems to the cloud, all while preserving the use of familiar resources that you are accustomed to, including your legacy programming languages such as COBOL.

Data Modernization

Data Modernization

Harnessing the power of data analytics and AI/machine learning algorithms, our developers will optimize your complete data workflow, offering versatile alternatives for both on-premises and cloud-based hosting, encompassing data sourcing, analysis, and utilization.

Serverless Modernization

Serverless Modernization

By constructing a serverless infrastructure, you can transfer a greater portion of operational duties to the cloud without depending on a physical server. This eliminates the need for managing infrastructure-related responsibilities such as capacity management, cluster provisioning, patching, operating system maintenance, and other related tasks.



BPK Tech adopts a containerization strategy that involves bundling and deploying all the code, settings, and dependencies of your legacy application into a unified entity. This enables the software to function consistently without the need for relocation across different computing environments.

Mainframe Application Development, Deployment & Support

BPK Tech’s team of developers possesses the specialized knowledge and exceptional skill set required to sustain and modernize legacy applications used by government agencies, financial institutions, and other corporate entities. This ensures uninterrupted business operations, eliminating the need for extended migration processes that could disrupt your daily activities.

Microsoft Windows

The skilled developers available at BPK Tech possess vast expertise in migrating and converting your existing legacy applications on Microsoft Windows 7, 8, and 10, minimizing the need for labor-intensive manual intervention or prolonged periods of system inactivity.


The developers at our disposal possess the specialized knowledge and exceptional skill set required to uphold and enhance your dBase applications, eliminating the need to cease operations.


Tailoring our services to suit your requirements, we offer the option to simultaneously update your data tiers and infrastructure while providing ongoing support for your MATLAB codebase. Alternatively, we can facilitate a complete migration to a new system.


Our team offers comprehensive support and modernization solutions for your web and mobile applications that rely on ColdFusion, a versatile scripting language known for its dynamic tag-based approach. We ensure your systems are updated and optimized to meet the evolving needs of your business.


Our specialists meticulously examine each line of your Delphi source code that forms the foundation of your existing legacy systems. They identify crucial code segments that require migration to modern technologies.


We utilize Visual COBOL 7.0 (Visual Studio Code designed for COBOL development) to uphold our steadfast dedication to the advancement and implementation of COBOL programming.

Technology Stacks We Use

c plus plus
google cloud
Azure DevOps


Legacy modernization services are essential for businesses as they enable enhanced efficiency, cost optimization, improved user experience, integration and interoperability, enhanced security and compliance, business continuity, and innovation. Modernizing legacy systems allows businesses to overcome limitations, optimize operations, reduce costs, provide better user experiences, ensure security and compliance, integrate with new technologies, maintain business continuity, and drive innovation for a competitive advantage in the market.
No. While the fear of data modernization affecting your business processes and operational workflows is justified, it doesn’t hamper and affect your business data. We at BPK Tech make sure that legacy databases, data warehouses, or any infrastructure operate unaffected during data modernization.
Our legacy app/software modernization services constitute application types like mobile, web, desktop, enterprise applications (Data warehouses, CRM, ERP, PPM), big data, and AI/ML modernization.
At BPK Tech we offer a wide range of legacy modernization and migration services. These services include legacy app modernization, legacy infrastructure modernization, digitalization, UX modernization, legacy data modernization, cloud migration, and technology modernization are some of our legacy modernization and migration services.

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