KPI Dashboard

We offer KPI Dashboard services, allowing its users to get deeper business insights on a single comprehensive dashboard.

KPI Dashboard

Get your business insights on a single screen.


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What KPI Dashboard can do for you

Running a business is a monumental task. Though how wonderful would it be to have all the operational data of your business at your fingertips? Why you ask? 

Because data from any business can be analyzed to generate insights, which can help you make data-driven decisions and scale your business.

When it comes to what BPK Tech’s KPI Dashboard has to offer you, here it is.

  • Extracts data to help you make high-level strategic decisions.

  • The same data can also be visualized with the help of charts, graphs, and tables.

  • Works for any business, even if your business operates in multiple locations.

  • We customize the dashboard based on client inputs.

  • Even the data you see on the dashboard is customizable. 

  • The best thing is that it has a user-friendly UI. 

KPI dashboard

All you have to do is select the required data and click on the download button to get it. This data can also be downloaded in excel or .CSV format for your future consumption.

BPK Tech’s KPI Dashboard Services Automate KPIs to Measure Various Metrics

  • KPI #1: Last Three Years' Production
    Helps to track the production numbers for each department of your business separately, to let you know how much revenue your business has generated. You can also set personalized production goals for your business.
  • KPI #2: Last Three Years Collection
    Provides a detailed overview of the value your business generated by comparing the last 3 years’ production with the collection. This helps to understand if your business is having a problem turning production into revenue.
  • KPI #3: Year To Date (YTD) Production
    Analyzing business performance based on a specific period of time gives a better understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. This KPI shows you specific details on each aspect of your business within a certain period. For example, how much profit margin you had from x date to y date in production or how many products have been sold within a month.
  • KPI #4: Account Receivables
    This is one of the most essential KPIs for any business that helps track pending funds and payments from clients. A simple dashboard will show you the balance sheet and reports in a comprehensible format.

Be it any industry, our KPI dashboard can help you extract the data insights that matter most to your business to make data-driven decisions.

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