KPI Dashboard

We offer KPI Dashboard services, allowing its users to get deeper business insights on a single comprehensive dashboard.

KPI Dashboard

Get your business insights on a single screen.

Running a business is a monumental task. This task becomes a lot easier when you have all the operational data of your business at your fingertips.

Because data from any business can be analyzed to generate insights, which can help you make data-driven decisions and scale your business.

This is possible with the help of a KPI Dashboard. Here are some of the features you can utilize from a KPI Dashboard:

  • Tracks important KPIs of your business to offer valuable insights.
  • Extract business data to help you make high-level strategic decisions.
  • The same data can also be visualized with the help of charts, graphs, and tables.
  • Helps you better understand your business with a single view of all the important data.

Benefits of our KPI Dashboard

Find out new trends and scale your business

With access to key data from every department of your business, it becomes easier to find existing and new trends in the business. This helps with efficient decision-making, and improving operations, thus helping you scale your business. Finding new trends through data patterns presents new opportunities to improve your business.

Reports, reports, and reports

Visual representation of data always makes it easier to understand what’s going on. Users can choose various data representation formats to generate reports and understand complex data. These reports are also downloadable.

Track progress and strategize accordingly

When you are able to comprehend the data and pinpoint the key areas that need your attention, it becomes easier to create a strategy to make better data driven decisions.

Understand your business

Using a KPI dashboard helps you track key performance metrics of your business. The dashboards are UI-friendly and highly interactive This sheds light on the things that are working for your business and the things that aren’t.

Various KPI Metrics that We Measure

Operational KPIs

Track goals set by your business every month to see how each segment of your company is operating and the overall growth. These KPIs allow your business to improve efficiency.

Functional KPIs

Each department at your company has its own functional KPIs that they track. For example, measuring the retention rate of clients, tracking sales with retail KPIs, and the HR department can track employee performance. Our services allow your business to keep track of all kinds of APIs for every department.

Strategic KPIs

Measure the set objectives by your business to understand how your business strategy is working out. Strategic KPIs help you measure the success/failure rate of your long-term and short-term goals.

Financial Metrics

Standard metrics every business tracks to understand revenues, profit margin, sales, expenses, taxes, and every other financial metric.

Marketing KPIs

Find out if your marketing campaign is going the intended way by tracking website traffic, Click Through Rate (CTR), social media traffic, bounce rate, conversions, reach, and impressions with Marketing KPIs.

Industry-specific KPIs

Every industry has its unique stats and metrics they need to track. Be it the construction industry with safety metrics, admission rates/expenses in education to any other industry, we help you track it all with our industry-specific KPI services. We help you track any KPI you need for your business and offer customization.

Why BPK Tech?

BPK Tech has always been a company that puts its client’s requirements at the forefront and delivers the best possible results. When it comes to our KPI Dashboard services, you can expect nothing less than the best outcome.

Stay ahead of the competition with data-backed KPI metrics.

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