IT Support Services

Expert IT support services for seamless operations.

IT Support Services

Expert IT support services for seamless operations.

We Handle All Your OutSourced IT Support Needs

BPK Tech offers customized IT support services that are specifically designed to meet your business requirements. Our team of certified technology experts aligns network infrastructure and seamless communication to deliver top-notch IT solutions. We provide scalable IT support for businesses of all sizes, whether onsite or remotely.

Netsuite Consultation

Our highly seasoned and certified NetSuite consultants bring a wealth of expertise, enabling us to offer a diverse range of methodologies tailored to your specific requirements. From initial analysis to design and implementation, our consultants are dedicated to delivering optimal NetSuite solutions that drive your business forward.

24/7 IT Infrastructure Help Desk Management

Our developers deliver IT support desk solutions that facilitate the establishment and administration of both on-site and remote help desk structures. We offer round-the-clock assistance as a central contact point for your business users, handling all their technical inquiries, service requests, issues, and other IT-related concerns.

Network Support Services

We provide comprehensive network assistance, encompassing network planning, audits, and ongoing support for TCP/IP configuration, VPNs, SANs, LAN/WAN connectivity, media integration, managed IT solutions, as well as administration and resolution of issues related to network devices such as routers, gateways, and firewalls.

SMB Business IT Services

We develop and manage SMB IT infrastructure, offering comprehensive communication frameworks using dependable technologies like email-based messaging and live meetings. Our services encompass real-time communication, data sharing, intranet/extranet solutions, unified messaging, document collaboration, and video conferencing, enabling seamless in-person or remote interactions.

Customized Business IT Support Services

We cater to diverse IT customers with distinct service requirements. We tailor individualized IT support plans to ensure optimal value and assist customers in strategically selecting the most suitable services.

IT System Analysis

We keep thorough records and conduct regular virtual meetings to ensure you stay informed. Through in-depth analysis, we develop a tailored managed services approach, resulting in a fully customized plan that perfectly aligns with your business requirements.


BPK Tech implements reliable backup and restoration solutions for diverse enterprise infrastructures, guaranteeing strong, scalable, and diligently maintained data protection. We handle all necessary updates, including software, antivirus, security, and monitoring, on your behalf.

Security & Compliance

We offer extensive cybersecurity safeguards, shielding your company against cyber threats like malware, hackers, viruses, and human errors. Our experts deploy Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) and disaster recovery solutions, automating various backup techniques for large datasets, including full, incremental, differential, mirror, and continuous backups.

Customized Business IT

We customize support plans for each client's IT needs, ensuring they receive the best value and strategically select services. Our customized business services cater to a wide range of IT customers with unique business models and requirements. We specialize in system monitoring and optimization, utilizing tailored tools to resolve complex technical issues.

Document & Inventory Support

We generate comprehensive documentation for our clients' complete IT infrastructure, enabling prompt issue resolution and effective management of technological challenges. Our expertise lies in developing customized software solutions that support cloud-based multi-point accessibility, automate workflows, ensure up-to-date security, and comply with industry standards and best practices.

Application Development & Support

At BPK Tech, we have a highly skilled team of technology experts specializing in various industries, ready to deliver customized application development services. Our cloud development teams possess extensive knowledge of web protocols such as SOAP, REST, and XHTML, and excel in Cloud Architecture, Deployment, Maintenance, Services, and Migration.

Reliable & Remote: 24-hour SLA Management (IT Support)

BPK Tech provides top-notch IT support tailored to meet your Service Level Agreements (SLA). We ensure strict compliance with your SLA by delivering fast recovery and following best practice protocols. Our team combines industry expertise and cutting-edge technology to offer optimal monitoring, reporting, and management of your SLA services.

We understand that clients demand uninterrupted uptime and round-the-clock support, and we have the knowledge and skills to meet and exceed their expectations.

BPK Tech's SLA support features a team of experts who offer tiered-level, worldwide assistance, ensuring 24/7 attention to critical issues and incidents. Our infrastructure is equipped with cutting-edge technology, guaranteeing compliance with SLAs. Our support services are highly scalable, allowing for seamless implementation of future enhancements.

Our all-inclusive SLA reporting software development services can incorporate functionalities for tasks like identifying underlying causes, managing requests and issues, processing and handling incidents, deploying patches, and facilitating interactions and problem-solving.

Our developers provide incident management services that capture knowledge from issue resolution, automate IT asset discovery and reporting, and provide intuitive reporting and tracking of technical performance and ticket status for future reference.

Technology Stacks We Use

google cloud
Microsoft Azure
apache spark
amazon redshift
azure blob storage
google cloud sql


IT support services are comprehensive solutions offered to individuals and organizations for managing their IT infrastructure. These services include troubleshooting, system maintenance, hardware/software installations, network management, user support and training, data backup/recovery, IT consulting, and remote/on-site assistance. They aim to ensure smooth IT operations, address technical challenges, and optimize system performance.
Our tech and support team at BPK offers 24/7 support without any downtime. Our client’s needs are always at the forefront which means your requirements are taken care of at the earliest. We have teams from across the globe that allow us to monitor, assess, and extend support 24/7.
SLA management involves overseeing and maintaining agreed-upon service levels between a provider and clients/stakeholders. It includes establishing SLAs, monitoring performance, resolving issues, fostering communication, and driving continuous improvement.

Your business can outsource IT support services to BPK Tech and we provide a range of services such as IT infrastructure help desk management, network support services, security & compliance, enterprise IT support, application development & support, documentation & inventory management, IT system analysis, SLA reporting services, SLA monitoring support services, and SLA incident management services.

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