When companies adopt new technologies or business processes they see several complicated software implementation inconsistencies. That's where we come in and assist in helping out with challenging integrations & take care of the architectural design, testing, debugging, and execution of the entire process of customer need.


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Pioneers of Custom Payment Solutions Integrations and Ecommerce Management

We at BPK Tech perform a detailed analysis of the business scenario and implement an automated solution. Post-automation, the end-to-end bill discounting, refunds, and 360 degrees in financial perspective, the complete process has been streamlined and completely automated, reducing the long process to a few minutes. We assist in creating an automated financial report plan. Help create a strategy for converting data from multiple sources to the central Azure SQL Server, assist in churning data based on the business logic, audit the process, and generate final reports against the vendor with the following level of approvals.

Our solutions in the integration space include

Integrating a e-commerce platform API’s that support proprietary card updates, advanced tokens, recurring payments, and fraud protection. Web pages that handle the redirection of the user from our customer’s portal. Collect all the user and cart information’s from the request.
We build integrated payment gateway for the order payment and collection. Business rules to handle the customer card details in case the credit limit of the user. Business logic to redirect the user back to the customer’s site from where the customer came with required details and payment status.
Generate accurate settlement reports for individual vendors. Automate the complete process from manual to automation by industrial financial standards. Removal of duplicate payments to individual vendors. Maintenance of logs in each stage of the reports, so that users can able to verify and validate the reports. Maintained history of the settlement reports. Automated calculations on the latest FX rates. Visualization of the amount needed to settle for the specific month for the respective vendor.

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