Know your patient's insurance eligibility in an instant

Less time, more patients, more business insights, more actionable data, and more profits.

How We Stand Out?

  • Extracts 90% of data compared to other tools such as the clearing houses and exchanges that extract only 30%-40% data.
  • Writes back patient’s data back into the PMS under the patient records.
  • Extracts the Eligibility reports in pdf format from the Payor portal.

What Eligibility Verification can do for you?

Our powerful and highly intuitive tool reduces the tedious insurance verification process to a few clicks. This will automate the whole process without any manual intervention.
  • Automate eligibility verification tasks.
  • Verify patient eligibility for next 7 day’s appointment
  • Allow to enter the patient eligibility using manual verification method for those payors the eligibility information is not scraped.
  • Allow dental exchange integration for those payor portals that are down due to maintenance
  • Reduced human errors.
  • Data accuracy.
  • Access to all the patient data without compromising on HIPAA compliance.
  • Provide various data analysis of the Eligibility verification work done
  • Eligibility Verification works for Individual Clinic owners as well as DSOs

A Detailed Eligibility Report

To make it easier for dental practices and DSOs, our automation tool offers a detailed report on insurance eligibility. This report includes patient details like:
  • Patient details from the PMS
  • Insurance status
  • Payor details
  • Patient’s Coverage
  • Insurance coverage date
  • Limitations on age
  • Details on deductibles
  • Patient’s history on services
  • Expenses by procedure code made by the patient.
  • Eligibility status (whether eligible, partially eligible, or not eligible)

Data Analysis Report

  • Report by Payor
  • Report by Eligibility Agent
  • Report by Practice
  • Report by Eligibility status

Here's how the module works

The solution automates the entire process of finding the patients who have appointments for today or any day in the future (up to 7 (x) days. This is customizable for each practice). It extracts those patient’s detail from the Patient Management System (PMS), loops through the entire patient set one at a time, and looks at the insurance information in the insurance portal. Once all the data for a particular patient is collected from the insurance portal, it is directly written back onto the Patient Management System (PMS) using a bot. The entire process takes less than 2 mins to complete for a single patient. This is significantly less compared to the huge manual effort typically put in by the front- desk person at the clinic.

Results You’ll Notice

  • Increased accuracy. Our bot crawls the system continuously to ensure that.
  • Expect 80% improved efficiency at your practice/DSO.
  • Minimal paperwork.
  • Substantial increase in revenue with huge ROI.
  • Approximately $3M-$4M per year in annual savings.



  • Monthly Serive Free – $250
  • Per Patient per verfication – $1.25

Supported PMS

Supported Payors

Here is a playbook that will TRANSFORM your practice and bring in results of EXPONENTIAL GROWTH for your dental group.

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