Software Solutions built for Dental Practices & DSOs

Our expert software engineers always go the extra mile to develop dental software solutions that accelerate the business flow of dental practices and DSOs. Come, join hands with us and gain access to our experts, who truly understand your unique business needs, including dental practice management applications, financial reconciliation, EOB Parsing, Doctors Compensation System, Accounting, dental software, data extraction, PMS integrations, much more that create happy and loyal lifelong patients.

We’ve Turned Many Practices’ Pain Points into
Radical Solutions

Intelligent Reporting

Are you facing difficulties pulling data from your PMS into high-quality reports?


Are you facing issues while retrieving multi-practices data from your software?

Data Movement

Did your key data ever get stuck in your practice management system?

Integrate Seamlessly with Any Existing PMS

When it comes to software solutions, the biggest frustration we hear from dental practice owners or providers is that their software doesn’t integrate with their existing systems. While many of the people don’t like change – dental practice owners & providers really and strictly don’t like changes. So, we developed software solutions, which can be integrated with any practice management systems that make dental practices’ workflow simple.

Our custom integration services allow dental practices to easily integrate their PMS with the existing software dental offices, which use Dentrix, Dentrix Enterprise, Open Dental, EagleSoft, SoftDent, OrthoTrac, Dolphin, Easy Dental, iDentalSoft, Denticon and many more.

Data Synchronized

Your PMS Data from yesterday is updated in the records


Comprehensive Dashboards

Built large complex dashboard to pull data from multiple PMS


Consolidating Services

Simplified several clinic footprints by consolidating data to a central server. Integrated third party X-Rays – Apertyx / Dexis / Others will CDR-Schick and saved the cost of server onsite


Remotely Access

Built chart-notes API, which can be used by an outside app, that helps to store and retrieve chart notes for remote access


Data warehouses

Built several data-lake/warehouse on Azure, On Prem, AWS and Google Big Query


Compliance Automation

Built compliance automation system, which generates audit reports for single or multiple practices

Custom and Accurate Reporting with your own DSO Datawarehouse

Focus on your Patients, we'll take care of the Tech

We have helped many growing practices and DSOs to streamline their data and increase efficiency. Be it a domain-specific application or a start-up idea, we can build software solutions from scratch, ensuring seamless integration with your existing environment. We help dental practices to improve effectiveness, ROI, profitability, and patient flow.

Benefits of BPK Tech – We Help You Win

  1. Our PMS data expertise help you to break-free IT hassles and technology disruptions of your practice
  2. We build solutions for any PMS system
  3. Flexible and Secure (HIPAA)
Dentist Cleaning Teeth

What our customers say about our Dental Practice & DSO offerings

We’ve seen brilliant progress with the custom software solutions developed by BPK Tech. Thanks to Rajeev & the team.

Dr. Jasmine

BPK Team built financial solution for CareCredit into our PMS system, we are very pleased with how quickly they did it.


BPK Team built us a custom dashboard that we can sell to our customers. Our customers loved it thanks to team.


We seamlessly integrate with your
PMS of Choice

Here is a playbook that will TRANSFORM your practice and bring in results of EXPONENTIAL GROWTH for your dental group.

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