Custom Software Development

BPK Tech is fully equipped with talents to provide custom software development services for your enterprise in any domain or any technology stack.

Custom Development

BPK Tech is fully equipped with talents to provide custom software development services for your enterprise in any domain or any technology stack.

How Do our Custom Software Solutions Benefit you??

Many businesses, while aware of the advantages of custom software development, are still hesitant about it. You need to know that off-the-shelf software will never fulfill all your business requirements. Only a custom software development company can build the right product for your business. So, here is a breakdown of the reason why you need custom software solutions.
Custom Software Solutions

Fully Customizable

Unlike Off-the-shelf software, custom software offers its users to fully customize the product based on their business requirements. You don’t like the dashboard? We change it to your liking. Want to integrate another application? You got it.


Sole Ownership of the Product

Custom software is made especially for a business and that business has full legal rights to the product. Since you own the product, you don’t have to pay a subscription fee. You can decide to sell it or even offer a subscription product.


Provides a Competitive Edge

Custom software will have unique features added to scale your business in various ways. It is also possible to upgrade the product and add any other necessary features or updates. Thus, providing you with the competitive edge you need in the market.

cost effective

Cost Effective

Contrary to popular belief, custom software development is a cost-effective option. The reason for this is there are no extra charges for subscription or licensing since you own the product, no upgradation fee, and no need to spend money on training. While the initial price may seem too much at first, it is a way better option in the long run compared to off-the-shelf software.

any technology

No Restrictions in Product Development

We don’t limit to using only a specific technology to develop a custom software product. Our developers can work with a wide range of technologies to create the perfect product for your business.

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Various Custom Software Solutions We Offer

Healthcare Applications

Healthcare Applications

Our applications in the healthcare industry have been used by many dental practices and DSOs. These applications are HIPAA compliant meaning utmost data security, and these apps have automated the entire workflow at those practices. The result is improved efficiency and productivity.
Web Applications

Web Applications

Having the right kind of web application for your business is crucial for your success in the digital world. We create the best custom web application with great UI/UX design and front-end technologies that are very user-friendly and smooth. This will increase your increase 10x and make you stand out in the digital domain.
Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Our skilled developers at BPK Tech use Swift, Java, C#, JavaScript, and other programming technologies to develop any kind of Android, iOS, and Hybrid mobile applications for you. We do deep market research to understand the current trends to develop the best application possible.
3rd Party Integrations

CRM and 3rd Party Integrations

We don’t just develop a product for our clients but also help them with various 3rd party integrations. Be it any 3rd party vendor like Shopify, Zendesk, Paylocity, or any other, we evaluate the application with specific benchmarks of your business for seamless integration.
Product Development

Product Development

Regardless of the technology and industry, we have been developing custom products for over a decade. We take utmost care in developing the product from the inception of the idea to the development, deployment, and maintenance of the product. Our expertise is visible when you look at the end product, and we maintain transparency with our clients during the entire product development life cycle.
Ecommerce Applications

Ecommerce Applications

If you are looking to sell your business products or merchandise then an eCommerce application for the same is a must. We develop applications that can streamline the eCommerce aspect of your business with features like inventory, payment gateways, and customer portals. We also add web pages to collect cart and user information after the request.
SaaS Applications

SaaS Applications

Going by the current market trend, SaaS (Software as a Service) applications are all the rage now. We at BPK Tech have been in the SaaS market for a long time, developing applications for multiple industries. So, we understand the client's requirements and run them with the market trend to develop the best SaaS application.
Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Applications

Inventory management, HR, Documentation, construction management, you name it and we got it. Our Enterprise applications are built for large-scale business processes to improve the overall experience through automation. We offer dynamic solutions customized based on the client’s business model.
BPK Tech

Why BPK Tech?

BPK Tech has been a custom software development company for more than a decade now. We have a team of seasoned developers and engineers who have worked on various products from multiple industries. Why you should avail our custom software development services:

Technology Stacks We Use

c plus plus
Objective-C Developers

Need the perfect custom software for your business?

BPK Tech’s Custom Software Development Process

Our seasoned developers and engineers follow a flexible Agile approach to develop the best possible product for your business.
Custom Software Development Process
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