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Our Custom Healthcare Software Development Solutions

The need for interoperability is critical in the healthcare industry and we deliver custom healthcare solutions that allow easy access and use of electronic health data. We use HL7 standards to make interoperability easier across various platforms and devices.

We help with customized EHR/EMR systems and applications development, integration services, data mapping and transformation, testing, and developing interfaces that comply with industry standards like FHIR, HL7, and DICOM.
Medical Billing Software
With our medical billing software solutions, healthcare organizations can completely automate the billing and payment posting process.

This reduces errors, cuts down a lot of hours spent manually, and improves your revenue cycle management. Every solution and feature is developed based on client requirements. We make it easier for our medical billing software to easily integrate with any existing software or practice management system. Including insurance portals, payment gateways, and EHR systems.
Telehealth & Telemedicine Apps
Our telemedicine solutions will help you boost patient retention with improved diagnostics and remote health services from anywhere and anytime.

These applications don’t just enable healthcare providers to deliver remote care but also provide education and training to patients and doctors for improved patient experience.

Our solutions include messaging/video conferencing platforms, mental health apps, and any custom health app. All our custom healthcare software solutions are HIPAA-compliant.
Patient Engagement and Hospital Management Portals
Our wide range of custom healthcare solutions includes patient and hospital management portals that improve patient interactions and workflow at your hospital/practice. With patient platform solutions like custom mobile apps, patient portals, online forums, and communities you can actively participate in enhancing patient care. We integrate these platforms seamlessly into your EHR systems or any other application.  

For hospital management, most of your manual operations can be automated like chatbots for quick patient interactions. Such applications help doctors in monitoring patient data, patients to keep track of their appointment, and healthcare staff to check their work details.
Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
To simplify monitoring lab data on inventory and storage, and to improve security and data integrity, we develop custom software for laboratory information management systems (LIMS).

This LIMS software has custom features and a dashboard to access the data and get a clear view of all the information. Some common features include sample management, instrument integration, quality control, reporting, data management, and workflow management.
Pharmacy Management Solutions
Our custom healthcare software development solutions help pharmacies with inventory management, patient records, dispensing& labeling, prescriptions, payment processing, and billing.

Custom solutions make it possible to tailor the software to your pharmacy’s requirements and make it user-friendly. Such software makes your work 10x easier with automated procedures.

Read this case study to find out how we developed an app to improve hearing aid features for our client.

Benefits of Our Custom Healthcare Software Development Services


Customized Solution

Whether it’s the front desk operations, patient care, CRM, or any functional requirements, we at BPK Tech tailor the software to meet your unique business requirements.

Our custom healthcare solutions are meant to simplify your business operations to help you scale and offer the best services to your patients which are not otherwise readily available in the market.

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Technical Expertise

You’ll find a lot of skilled developers and engineers, but only a few can confidently claim to have the technical expertise for healthcare requirements. Our team at BPK Tech has hands-on experience in the healthcare industry for 7+ years now and understands the latest trends in the healthcare IT market. We use the appropriate tech stack to develop top-notch products for your business and help you leverage the latest frameworks and technologies in the healthcare industry.

Better Patient Care

Our innovative healthcare IT solutions help you automate your business process and direct your resources toward better patient care.

With custom healthcare software solutions like patient portals, telehealth apps, and other healthcare mobile applications, you will be able to enhance your patient care and improve patient retention.

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Seamless Integration

We integrate our custom healthcare software solutions with any system, platform, and tool to ensure efficient and uninterrupted workflows. Our integration solutions work seamlessly with your existing healthcare IT infrastructure taking security standards into consideration.

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Improved Performance

BPK Tech's custom healthcare software development services are always in favor of improving client business performance and market position with well-developed solutions. 

With most tedious tasks automated, you’ll notice improved productivity and efficiency at your business.

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Compliance and Security

We understand the need for absolute security of business and patient data which is why we consider security and compliance the top priority in our custom healthcare software development process.

We are a HIPAA-compliant service provider and our solutions meet all the necessary security standards. Any  personal and financial data we use is kept secure and accessed by a few authorized personnel.

Why is BPK Tech the perfect partner for your dental business?

At BPK Tech, we care about our client’s problems and develop don’t just fix those problems but also help them transform into a new, better entities. This goes for clients in healthcare organizations as well, which we have been doing for 7+ years now. A few reasons why BPK Tech is the right for your healthcare business:
Healthcare BPK

What our customers say about our Custom Healthcare software development solutions

BPK Tech’s incredibly responsive agile approach provided us with solutions that supplement the need for multiple data scientists in our business. It quickly allowed us to implement a new data warehouse with ties to multiple systems. We look forward to continuing our relationship with them for the foreseeable future.

Joe Palko COO & Project Head

BPK Tech delivered us a custom software solution that is making big splashes in our industry. We’re happy to have a seamless understanding of our requirements and the finest solution possible.

Alex Senior Analyst

BPK Tech has been an outstanding partner on our software project and truly shares our vision. Consistently exceeding our expectations. Great job, Rajeev & team!

Jess Dentist

Why is BPK Tech the right choice for
custom healthcare software solutions?

At BPK Tech, we care about our client’s problems. We don’t just fix those problems but also help them transform into new, better entities. This also goes for clients in healthcare organizations, which we have been doing for 7+ years now.
Healthcare BPK

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