Custom Development

BPK Tech is fully equipped with talents to provide custom software development services for your enterprise in any domain or any technology stack.


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Managed operations with offshore assistance

We help companies build better software through Agile

BPK Tech is an application development and IT consulting firm with the primary goal to deliver top-notch IT services. The professionals at BPK Tech thoroughly analyze your business model and develop relevant solutions for you that promise to help in the best way possible. Catering to a variety of businesses, BPK takes a commitment-marked agile approach to managing your business through any kind of challenges that may arise.

Our software development process is designed to suite your needs. A typical implementation of custom solution looks like this

  1. Discovery Phase
  2. Requirement Gathering Phase
  3. Design and Architecture Phase
  4. Agile Sprints
  5. Documentation
  6. Handover Support and Maintainance

We approach our customer's needs with a discovery phase followed by planning and execution phases.

  1. Angular
  2. Azure
  3. .Net
  4. React
  5. Selenuim
  6. SQL Server
  7. NodeJS

We devise an in-depth implementation & deployment plan for your software, assessing your needs to deliver enhanced technologies to end-users.

We develop reliable, well-documented, and easy-to-consume APIs that enable flexible integrations and customization of existing software products.

Our software integration engineers adopt new processes to overcome challenges ranging from architectural design to testing to execution.

BPK Tech has implemented Data warehousing solutions for many dental practices and DSOs in US and Canada with an extensive ETL operation from various Practice Management Systems (PMS)

Listen to understand your customer needs.

We strongly believe that no matter how many years of collective software development experience an IT organization may have, listening to understand the customer’s needs is one of the most important aspects of making customers successful in their core business. Our focus is to reduce the customer’s dependence on the IT vendor as much as possible with self-help portals, intuitive deployment process, one-click dashboards and mobile solution extensions.

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