Our Vision Statement

At BPK Tech we believe in empowering teams through trust, togetherness, and growth to build innovative solutions for a simplified life.

Our Vision Statement

At BPK Tech we believe in empowering teams through trust, togetherness, and growth to build innovative solutions for a simplified life.

Values & Culture

Any mission that our team sets out whether it is inter-organizational or intra-organization – is achieved keeping in certain inclusive values. This is not merely a mandate for the BPK Tech community to follow but also an integral part of our vision. These values hone up each teammate both in a personal and professional manner and they are driven to give out their best.

Organizational Culture


Ensuring employee empowerment motivates them and not make them risk averse. Making them responsible for their own tech designs and decisions.


Listening to respond than to react. Being in other's shoes. Being empathetic to fellow employees and customers.


Just do it! Practice more than preach. Do it yourself. Do not dictate. You propose, you implement!


Experience alone does not guarantee a ladder to success. Are you truly a deserving candidate from 360 degree view?


All work and no play makes you a bore! Fun at workplace is just as important as all other values and culture of the organization. It keeps the brain healthy and active.

Expand your Scope

Expand the scope of work that assigned to you. Can you take on more responsibilities? Can you be owner of other areas? Do you have the desire to take the initiatives to do more? See how you can expand your area of influence horizontally than grow vertically in the organization.

Organizational Values

Servant Leadership

Are you leading from the team? Are you in the trenches with the troupe? Are you practicing what you are preaching? That's the value we would like every BPK Techie to have for life and professionally as well.


Do I own up the work or wait for someone to assign it to me? Do I own up my goof ups? You propose, you implement. As a manager, are you saying Bricks are for me bouquets are for my team members?


Is there a bigger goal in front of me? Is individual bigger than an organization? We are in it together?

Together we can!


Am I going to keep my word on the timelines? Do I take my promises to others seriously? Do I invest all my time and energy in providing the solution to customers as if I am the only user for it?


Do I set any bar? Do I keep breaking the excellence bar that I set myself in my next work? Am I forever a student interested in learning new things everyday?

Work Ethics

Our teammates are trained to sync up their personal goals with the organizational goals. With the sense of unity and collaboration instilled in our work style, we confidently promise quality products and services to our clients.

FRANC – Open
The BPK Tech community has a set of principles, but more importantly, our team is open to new ideas, innovation, and school of thought.

KAIZEN – Advancement
No bar is the bar! We work to improve every day, bit by bit. That ensures we run with time and stay relevant in our services and products.

RENXING – Humanity
Each member of our team understands the factors related to humankind very well which helps us serve our customers and clients with zeal and best intentions.

Committed to create a great workplace

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