Software Development Services for Construction Industry

Construct your exceptional business future with our Construction Software Development services.

Software Development Services for Construction Industry

Construct your exceptional business future with our Construction Software Development services.

From design and engineering to the final phase of construction, and beyond, we deliver software development solutions that meet all your requirements. These solutions are scalable and address any construction-related issues you may have.

Business areas in your industry we can address:

Construction ERP

Construction ERP

Equipment Management

Equipment Management



Accounting & Finance

Accounting & Finance

Model Drafting

Model Drafting

Project Management

Project Management

Bid Management

Bid Management



Revit Drafting

Revit Drafting

Software Solutions

Cost Estimation

Construction Automation Tools

Construction Database Integrated

BPK Tech excels in providing customized construction software solutions that streamline project management processes for construction companies, leading to successful outcomes. With our extensive experience in software development and deep understanding of the construction industry, we deliver tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our comprehensive software offers a range of features, including project management, resource allocation, accurate cost estimation, efficient document control, collaborative tools, and real-time reporting.

AI-Powered AEC

BPK Tech developers lead the way in empowering construction companies with advanced data analysis, automation, and decision-making. Our AI-powered construction platform analyzes historical project data and predicts timelines, costs, and resources. Natural language processing enhances user interactions for efficient information retrieval. Machine learning algorithms provide intelligent recommendations and accurate cost estimation.

Construction ERP Software Development Solutions

We specialize in developing tailored ERP software solutions for the construction industry, focusing on efficient asset management, streamlined labor and field operations, optimized supply chain management, and effective sales management.

Our tailored ERP CRM software solutions empower businesses with comprehensive capabilities, including customer service portals, HR/HCM functionality, contact database management, automated marketing, efficient lead management, seamless integration with Salesforce, and more, to optimize and streamline their operations.

We specialize in developing custom construction contractor software solutions with integrated CRM, ERP, and document management features, tailored to meet your specific needs. Our expertise in the AEC industry ensures valuable contractor management software for your business.

We create efficient databases for equipment inventory, fleet, and tools, streamlining processes such as transportation, asset requisition, distribution scheduling, and real-time tracking.

Construction Equipment Management Software

BPK Tech’s software helps construction crews and managers track equipment, tools, and assets at various locations, providing convenient on-site and off-site management.

Equipment Telematics

We provide real-time analytics dashboards for fleet telematics, offering comprehensive KPI reports, performance analysis, maintenance scheduling, and business intelligence functionalities.

Tools Tracking

Our cloud-based systems and apps simplify IoT technology, utilizing barcodes, tool tracking, and tool assignment capabilities to streamline processes.

GPS Tracking

To enable real-time equipment tracking and seamless integration with platforms such as GPS/GIS, we develop centralized platforms.

Construction Scheduling Software

BPK Tech’s scheduling software solutions enable quick schedule creation, resource allocation, and role-based access control.
Appointment Scheduling

Appointment Scheduling

Depending on recurring scheduling options, offering manual, group, and staff needs our software programs automate appointment and shift scheduling.


Payroll and Accounting Integrations

We integrate payroll and accounting software with various HR and ERP systems, ensuring smooth data flow and connectivity through APIs and third-party integrations.

Attendance & Time Tracking

Attendance & Time Tracking

Our time and attendance tracking apps are designed with features such as automatic time capture, real-time attendance tracking using geolocation and geofencing, and electronic timesheets, providing convenient and accurate time management solutions.

Construction Submittal Solutions

With BPK Tech’s construction submittal software solutions, you can efficiently verify shop drawings, material samples, and product datquickly and easilyer.

Submittal Logs

Our custom submittal scheduling logs for construction ensure smooth ordering and delivery processes while facilitating easy acceptance, review, and approval of all submittals.

Submittal Management

Our submittal management solutions are designed to efficiently generate and share various construction-related documents. These documents include drawings, Request For Information/Request For Proposals, specs on Original Equipment Manufacturer, data sheets of materials, and more.

Submittal Exchange

With our construction submittal software, you can seamlessly manage the creation, editing, tracking, execution, and approval of real-time exchanges for submittals and transmittals. Our software is available for both desktop and mobile applications, ensuring convenience and flexibility in your construction processes.

Revit Software Solutions

BPK Tech empowers companies with their advanced construction bid management software solutions, offering seamless automation and optimization of the bidding process, leading to informed decision-making and enhanced efficiency.

Revit 3D Modeling

Our expert team of software designers harnesses the power of Revit BIM software to craft impressive 3D visualizations and streamline repetitive tasks in the workflow.

Revit Plugin Development

Our expert team develops bespoke software add-ins for Revit, leveraging programming languages such as VB.NET, C#, and more. These add-ins are designed to enhance search capabilities, automate workflows, and simplify editing processes, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Revit VR Rendering

Leverage the cutting-edge features of Revit software to harness the speed and power of cloud rendering. Transform your CAD data into captivating virtual reality experiences in real-time, with stunning high-resolution visuals that bring your designs to life.

Construction Accounting Software

We create construction accounting software that seamlessly integrates with business intelligence engines, ERP tools, and report generators, providing a comprehensive solution

Payroll Software

We integrate payroll software with HCM systems, mobile timecard APIs, and additional features like FUTA/SUTA calculators and banking APIs for a complete payroll solution.

Asset Accounting Software

At BPK Tech, we provide seamless integration of asset tracking software with third-party accounting programs, offering features such as depreciation calculators and audit trail modules for enhanced functionality.

Job Cost Accounting

We develop centralized construction budgeting modules that efficiently track purchase orders, cost-to-completion, order changes, subcontracts, earned revenue, and committed costs for streamlined financial management.

Construction Bid Management Software

BPK Tech empowers companies with their advanced construction bid management software solutions, offering seamless automation and optimization of the bidding process, leading to informed decision-making and enhanced efficiency.

Construction Bid Management

Harness the power of BI engines and robust DBMS to forecast project completion with precision, optimize bid cost analysis, and effectively manage labor and subcontractors.

Contractor CRM Solution

Through seamless integration with bid request management dashboards, our tailored CRM solutions feature comprehensive client profiles, efficient client communication tracking, and automated marketing capabilities.

Construction Bidding Apps

Develop personalized construction bid applications that enable secure transfer and coordination of elements including computer-aided design documents, material quantity assessments, proposal specifications, and permit information.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) Software

BPK Tech specializes in developing BIM software solutions for the AEC industry. Our solutions include rendering engines, attribute libraries, automated workflows, and immersive AR/VR experiences. By incorporating AI capabilities, our software enhances the construction process for architecture, engineering, and construction professionals.

BIM Coordination

We develop software development configurations that focus on clash detection protocols. These protocols help identify and prevent design conflicts arising from building materials, workflows, building codes, and physical overlaps.

BIM Integrations

Our expertise lies in seamlessly connecting 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, and CAD BIM apps with project management systems (PMS) and a diverse array of construction software systems like Autodesk, Unity, Revit, Rhino, and others.

BIM Facility Management

We specialize in integrating BIM facility management software with IWMS and CAFM programs, enabling building managers to efficiently manage licenses, vendor contacts, accounting information, and more in a centralized database.

Construction Project Management Software

BPK Tech empowers companies with their advanced construction bid management software solutions, offering seamless automation and optimization of the bidding process, leading to informed decision-making and enhanced efficiency.

Construction Project Management Apps

We develop cutting-edge mobile application which is meticulously designed to streamline daily logging tasks with automated time-stamping and voice recognition capabilities. Furthermore, our cloud-based software empowers the AEC industries by optimizing workflows, minimizing expenses, and delivering exceptional outcomes.

Construction Safety Apps

BPK Tech understands the need for safety and our teams in the construction domain can develop the right safety app that generates inspection reports for every project site.

AEC Project Management Software

Our cutting-edge project management software is specifically designed to meet the requirements of engineers, architects, and construction managers. It offers customized workflows and workroom tools, empowering them to optimize efficiency and productivity in their projects.

Cost Estimation Software

BPK Tech’s construction cost estimation software automates manual cost entry tasks, saving companies time and money in the process.

Cost Database Development

Utilize database management systems to build cost databases for labor, materials, and equipment, organized by project type for easy reference.

Electrical Estimation Software

Increase profitability and streamline operations with customized electrical estimation software that automates pricing updates, simplifies takeoffs, and generates reports, all without the need for paper-based processes.

Building Material Calculators

Ensure accurate material cost calculations with custom quote estimation modules that take into account real-time supplier inventories and fluctuating market values.

Technology Stacks We Use

c plus plus
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft SQL Server


Construction software development involves the creation and implementation of specialized software solutions designed to meet the unique requirements of the construction industry. These software applications are developed to optimize and streamline various construction processes, including project management, cost estimation, scheduling, document management, and collaboration.
By utilizing construction software development services, industry professionals can benefit from improved efficiency, accuracy, and productivity in their operations. It helps with tasks such as project planning, resource allocation, progress tracking, budget management, and report generation. Construction software facilitates better communication and collaboration among team members, enhances data organization and accessibility, reduces manual errors, and improves overall project management. Ultimately, it contributes to successful project outcomes, cost control, and the timely completion of construction projects.
Our offerings include construction automation tools, Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, construction accounting software, ERP software for the construction industry, equipment management software, cost estimation software, construction bid management software, scheduling software solutions, mobile apps for the construction industry, and Third-party integration services for construction software.
Construction software enhances safety standards in the industry through risk assessment, proactive management, safety training, documentation, incident tracking, and compliance. It facilitates real-time communication and fosters a safety culture, reducing accidents and improving overall safety.
Yes, we can build various modules for construction ERP software. These modules include HR, admin, inventory, bidding management, investment management, purchase, plants, and contractor payment modules.

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