BPK Tech has team well versed in developing ERP solution for construction industries in North America.


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Redefining the construction industry

For our customers in Canada, we have developed an enterprise-level cloud application using smart technologies that are ready for the future.

Our solutions in the construction industry

Handling and carrying plans and designs of a project isn’t always easy. However, we make it simpler by giving access to those who need it by the click of a button on any device.

Whether it be a project plan, a sales agreement, or a professional document, let us help categorize everything you need in one place exactly how you want it. Access all of these tools and documents directly from your phone.

All stages of the workflow including, tracking progress and adding delay notes can be accessed from any device, add additional documents etc.. everything at one place on the finger tips to make the workflow management at ease.

Any access to details of the project is under control of the admin by simply allowing grant or deny permissions to required personnel.

Tracking your accounts is crucial to managing your cash flow. You can do this simply by taking a look at the Dashboard Graphs on any device.

Managing the sales environment is a tricky task, but we can help you get to where you need to be. Whether it be assigning a project or generating an offer, a wide range of tasks can be completed using our software. You can also give access to anyone who needs it directly from the app.

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