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We approach our customer's needs with a discovery phase followed by planning and execution phases.

The BPK Tech professionals have been dental industry-insiders for decades, so they know what businesses go through, the challenges they face and what works and what doesn’t. They comprehend your business-related problems at the grassroots level and come up with a tailor-made solutions accordingly. Be assured of our value addition in your solution.

The domains that we have covered so far ensuring a set of happy customers are as follows:

  • Dentistry
  • Construction
  • Education and Training
  • Banking and Financial




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Listen to understand your customer needs.

We strongly believe that no matter how many years of collective software development experience an IT organization may have, listening to understand the customer’s need is one of the most important aspect of making customer successful in their core business as well as keeping them happy at the same time. Our focus is to reduce customer’s dependence on IT vendor as much as possible with self help portals, intuitive deployment process, easy to use one-click dashboards and mobile solution extensions. All of this only to make customers put all their energy and focus in managing their core business and leave the complex IT decisions to us.

Step 1 - Discovery Phase

Identification of existing system, customer need, Why a solution is needed, what does the solution solve? Target users, technology options to develop the solution.

Step 2 - Project Set up

Technology Finalization, Environment Set up (Dev/QA), Software Installation, Resourcing, Define Epics, use cases.

Step 3 - Towards the MVP

Define stories, Define Scrum ceremonies, and Agile processes. Define data structure, Databases, Plan the infrastructure for Staging/production, Authorization, authentication, data warehourse, ETL process etc

Step 4 - Release Management

Based on sprint planning, chalk out the release planing. Customer UAT for MVP. Deployment strategies,

Step 5 - Project Maintenance

Knowledge transfer, User Guides, Deployment manual, project wrap up, Signing up of AMC Post production support.

Step 6 - Value addition

Have a deeper understanding of the solution and space in which we have delivered the project and see if there is any value addition to win additional work from the customer. Ensure there is long-term collaborative approach with customer than customer-vendor relationship.

QA Automation

QA Automation or Test Automation is an absolute necessity at present

The need for software, in almost every field, is increasing day by day and there are more potential risks associated with software malfunctions. Hence, companies need to test their software in every possible case of use and, thus, extend to the customers their Quality Assurance pledge.

BPK Tech steps into the domain as a provider of expert knowledge and automation testing tools.
Build the Right Product

Agile product development basically defines the creation of products with agile processes and techniques.

Agile training has gained tremendous popularity in present years. Its demand has increased due to its vast range of benefits in the current world of software. It helps in easing your work and also its quality and efficiency. It reduces the time-consumed and fastens the delivery of the product. Being one of the reputed software development firms that come up with agile training courses, we offer complete training that includes interactive sessions, workshops, and hands-on training.

Client Testimonials

The impactful performance that our products and services deliver often has ardent praises . Over the recent years, we have developed a formidable customer base on the strength of quality and commitment we promise.


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