Claims Tracker

Say no to manual claims tracking and get BPK Tech’s Claims tracker services.

Claims Tracker

Say no to manual claims tracking and get BPK Tech’s Claims tracker services.

Track your claims with ease

Our Claims Tracker works for you to organize and see your unclaimed funds and give you a comprehensive report of payors and debtors.
Track your claims
Claims Tracker

What Claims Tracker can do for you?

  • Access to accurate claims status
  • Information on policy holder, provider, and carrier type
  • Option to add notes to a patient in claims
  • Since it is PMS agnostic, centralization and integration of data are possible by extracting it from any PMS
  • Integration option for multiple practice management systems
  • Option for claims follow up
  • Produces integrated an excel sheet to access all the claims data
  • Show data on insurance accounts receivable (AR), rejected and denied claims
  • Claims status is updated in real-time
  • Write the status of the claim into any PMS without actually having to access the PMS.

A Detailed Eligibility Report

To make it easier for dental practices and DSOs, our automation tool offers a detailed report on insurance eligibility. This report includes patient details like:
  • Patient details from the PMS
  • Insurance status
  • Payor details
  • Patient’s Coverage
  • Insurance coverage date
  • Limitations on age
  • Details on deductibles
  • Patient’s history on services
  • Expenses by procedure code made by the patient.
  • Eligibility status (whether eligible, partially eligible, or not eligible)
Eligibility Report


An uncluttered dashboard with reports on claims, insurance AR, collections, production and more.

Patient Details

Patient ID, claims amount, insurance type, and payor details are all shown in a detailed manner

HIPAA Compliance

Ensures that your data is safe and secure, we provide access only to authorized users.

Managing Multiple Locations

Access and manage data of a practice/dental DSO’s PMS, regardless of its location.

Report Analysis

Report Analysis

  • Get Simplified view of large amounts of data with reports.
  • Extract all the data directly from the insurance portal.
  • Get reports on Accounts Receivable (AR), gross production, total insurance AR %, collection by practice, new future appointments, count of open claims, and more.
  • Location-based data of a practice/dental DSO’s PMS is available from the current month to the beginning of the claims.
  • Download the insurance claims reports in the pdf and excel format.

Liberate your RCM agents with a comprehensive tool

Our Revenue Cycle Management tool is a one-stop solution that simplifies the life of Revenue Collection Agents with a simple and elegant tool to manage various Accounts Receivables and post them in the Practice Management System (PMS) for you as well. If you are still wondering why you should get our RCM services, how about this…?
  • Simplified claims process.
  • Customizable Dashboard.
  • Tools & services to scale your dental practice.
  • Detailed charts on collections, ARs, Insurance ARs, Production, Count of claims, Production vs Collection reports.
  • Automated tools for improved productivity and efficiency.
Our services will eliminate any kinds of challenges you face with RCM. All at the click of a button!
Revenue Cycle Management tool



  • Monthly Serive Free – $250
  • Per Patient per verfication – $1.25

Supported PMS

Supported PMS

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Cloud 9 software
Opendental software
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Supported Payors

Supported Payors
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