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The Challenge:

Our customer wanted an automated approach that could improve their insights into their dental practices by collecting revenue data from its various PMS systems. The customer had several different PMS systems, and the team was spending numerous hours to generate reports and collate that information for leadership.

Our Solution:

Our customer needed a solution to speed up the turnaround time for better and accurate reporting from several clinics using multiple PMS systems. With our robust API solution in place, our customer was able to generate reports and send to leadership team with just a click of a button.

Before implementing our solution, our customer’s reporting was very fragmented and inefficient. With our reporting solution deployed, they enjoyed cleaner reporting, faster insights, quicker-follow-up, and an accelerated improvements in their clinics.

Our Approach:

We conducted evaluations of our customer’s reporting needs to identify areas of improvement. This enabled us to help our customer proactively improve their reporting efficiency post our audit. We integrated their various PMS systems with our API and AI-based digital bots to ensure interoperable seamless communication between PMS systems and reporting module.

After the integration, all the patient details, claim details, and A/R information entered in the PMS were automatically made available on a centralized web-portal, eliminating the need for manual cutting-pasting or for new staff to learn the various PMS systems. The data was updated every day.

While the web-portal helped collect and centralize data from four PMS systems, the reporting was deployed per our customer’s request via Excel reports as well as a Dashboard.


Key Benefits:

  • Our customer was able to track and manage their A/R and claims easily
  • Consolidated reporting from all practices
  • Practice by practice comparison
  • Increased insights and efficiency
  • Benefited from faster and more efficient collection cycles
  • Less focus on PMS learning and more focus on improving business


  • Focused on patient care: Eliminated distractions while increasing time for patient care.
  • Increased revenue recovery: Got better insights into claims.
  • Streamlined workflow: Increased workplace efficiency.
  • Increased profitability: Eliminated mistakes that eroded revenue and drove-up costs.

Speed up your turnaround time for reporting& keep revenue from slipping through the cracks with BPK Tech’s robust API and reporting solution.

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