Improved patient interactions with PMS integration

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Our customer required an automated solution wanted a solution to reduce the amount of time the call center staff spent on the phone each day. During their discovery stage, our customer wanted to see if it could help to achieve immediate goals: Our customer required an automated solution wanted a solution to reduce the amount of time the call center staff spent on the phone each day.
  • To increase call connection rate
  • To save their call center staff time
  • To improve Efficiency
  • To boost productivity
  • To improve their patient communication with relevant details
We’ve completed phone integration process that automatically brings up the patient’s profile anytime phone rings in our customer’s call center. This helped our customer to save time as it helped their staff to view the patient’s details and appointment history in their screen. The VoIP solution and phone integration enabled our customer to accomplish more with each incoming patient call. This pop-up provides our customers the information they need to accomplish more during every call and allows them to provide excellent customer service without missing critical detail. Call center staff can also quickly toggle between all patient details to view relevant information and ensure that everyone stays on track. Every incoming call goes through an IVR logic (Via Scripts & Studio) and then InContact app manages users, skills, station IDs, and mapping between station IDs and phone numbers with extension (which were saved in InContact Cloud Application) depending upon the selection’s dialer has selected, IVRL forward the call to Ring Central. Each agent’s machine has two software opened i.e., RingCentral Phone desktop and MaxAgent web app. MaxAgent shows information of the incoming call whereas RingCentral gets used to accepting the call. The solution has significant benefits:
  • Patients will no longer need to be put on hold while the call center searches for their records.
  • All valuable and crucial information will auto populate on screen through InContact and Ring Central’s pop-up.
  • When a patient of record calls, it quickly gathers important patient data from PMS database and displays it in a pop-up window.
  • Call center staff does not need to learn various PMS systems – imagine a medical/dental/vet group practices or DSO having multiple PMS software and each call center person has to learn all of them!
  • This way, even before they pick up the phone, call center staff can be ready with relevant information… an upcoming appointment. And what’s more! Our customer has full control over the types of appointments allowed, time slots, days of the week, etc.
  • As a result, call hold times are significantly reduced and staff will no longer find yourself searching through patient charts to get the information you need!
  • Yet another benefit, we built a web portal that extracted data from PMS system that our customer uses to schedule appointments based on patient’s requirements, and to help the call center staff only works with web portal instead of individual PMS system. Once an appointment is scheduled through a web portal, it is automatically reflected in PMS system.
  • When a patient calls the practice, PMS system finds all actionable information about that patient and pops it up on the screen.
  • Our customer’s PMS system was integrated with RingCentral, helping them to identify patient callers of record. All incoming caller Ids with patient information are matched automatically and a desktop pop-up window containing relevant information can be popped up.

To summarize, the overall call rates gets dramatically improved.

  • Improved Call Rate
  • Time saved
  • Improved appointments & Productivity

This solution works with various VOIP phone systems with APIs like:

  • Vonage Business
  • Ring Central API
  • In Contact

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