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Custom Dental Software
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Trends and technologies keep changing regardless of the industry. While some may not be aware of this but it’s the same for the dental industry. New technologies and trends have already become a part of the norm in the dental industry. Things like AI, machine learning, software/systems integrations, and customization. You can also find a lot of custom dental software.

Custom Dental Software

Custom Dental Software

A custom dental software or custom dental solution may not sound as appealing as the rest, but that’s only because not every dental business is aware of its advantages. Custom dental software can unlock new potential for your business in terms of growth and ROI as you can get unique features out of a single software that was personalized for your specific requirements. 

Did you know that many people are willing to pay 20% extra charges for a product if they can get it customized to their requirements? That’s not it, there’s a study from Deloitte that states every 1 in 5 consumers would prefer to get customized products. But why all this fuss for product customization? Let us understand this with a few simple examples of brands that have been offering customized products and services to their customers.

Brands offering Customized Products and Custom Services

The Just Do it Brand, Nike 

Custom Nike Shoes

Let us first talk about the famous multinational corporation brand that is well known around the world for its impeccable manufacturing of footwear. They also offer various premium apparel and accessories. To carve a unique spot in the market from its competitors, Nike started offering an option for its customers to design their footwear.

That’s right, Nike started “Nike By You” (previously called NikeiD) in 1999 where customers can select ‘customize’ options from their website. Customers can select colors, performance features, and the design of the product based on their personal tastes. This strategy helped generate considerable revenue as customers loved the personalized products. 

You can check out this Forbes article to learn more about it. 

The Most Loved Chocolate spread, Nutella

Nutella Custom jars

People love to see their names on things whether it is coffee mugs, t-shirts, or jewelry. Nutella saw this as a great marketing opportunity to skyrocket its sales and introduced a customized Nutella jar. They offered people around the world option to add their names to a personalized label to the Nutella jar.

This option became a huge hit among its customers and many people around the world. People were elated to share those label jars on social media and this generated a huge positive promotion for the brand.

Stitch Fix Discovers your Style For You

Stitch fix personalized shopping

This is one of the best personalization that I have ever heard from a brand. If you didn’t already know, Stitch Fix is a personal style retailer company that offers personalized clothing to all kinds of people. They provide a quiz to their customers to understand their tastes and preference in clothing along with their measurements. 

A package with a few clothing items is then sent to that customer that reflects their style. The customers can keep the ones they like and will only be billed for the same while the rest can be sent back. This is a one-of-a-kind of personalization method to stand out in the market.

Nissan, Innovation That Excites

Custom Nissan Cars

If you thought customization was only possible for footwear, food, or jewelry, think again. Popular car brand Nissan introduced the option for their customers to choose exterior and interior vehicle colors and engine models. This provided a much-needed boost to the company’s marketing and at the same time offering their customers a sense of being heard.

All these brands don’t just offer features, they offer their customers a sense of uniqueness. These are just a few brand examples that show customization is the key to a successful business. Similarly, there are a lot of industries where adding features and functions catering to the unique requirements of the customer will help a business scale its growth. 

Customization and Custom Software Solutions in the Dental Industry

The market for the dental industry is huge, and so is the competition. The only way to rise above your competition is to offer the best services possible to your patients. This requires you to have the industry-best machines, equipment, and solutions. One way to do this is to customize your processes to meet your patient’s needs.

Let us see what kind of customization can be done in the dental industry.

Customized 3D printing for your practices 

3D has been a technology that’s been used for a long time to design prototypes, but this has been changing in the last few years as 3D printing has found its way into the dental industry. Using 3D printing, practices can make dental orthopedic implants like crowns, bridges, dentures, and caps. This way, the total weight of the implant will be considerably less compared to the traditional method.

Similarly, they can also be used to develop instruments like drill guides.

Custom Insurance Eligibility Verification and Claims Tracking tools

Managing patient details is one thing, but constantly checking their insurance eligibility manually every time they book an appointment is another huge hurdle. Fortunately, there are many custom software that helps practices instantly track their patient’s insurance status before they come for a procedure or a checkup.

Apart from this, there are software that also tracks the insurance claims status of a patient. This will help you make sure that you don’t miss on those insurance claims that are rightfully yours. These tools offer custom dashboards, features, and reports to cater to the unique needs of each dental practice.

Appointment Scheduling and Payment Posting

The staff at dental practices or DSO (Dental Support Organisations) have to work with a lot of patient data. This also includes appointment scheduling and payment processing. At times, these processes become so chaotic that there are chances of missing out on valuable patient schedules and payments.     

This has led dental practices to look for custom software solutions that could automate these processes without human intervention. There are many tools in the market that help with appointment scheduling where patients can book appointments online, after work hours, and don’t even have to get on a call with the front desk executive. Many appointment scheduling software in the dental industry also provides automated reminders.

With payment posting applications, a dental practice can streamline the entire process even a high-value transaction. 

Benefits of Customizations in the Dental Industry 

Benefits of Customizations in the Dental Industry 

Custom dental software and customization in the dental industry come with benefits that make your lives easier at your dental practice and at the same time, make you stand out in the industry with better patient care and services. Here are a few such advantages of customization and using custom dental software at your dental practice:

Helps you save a few bucks and prevents overhead

It could be custom dental software to keep track of your expenses or a customized plan reflecting your dental practice workflow, either way, having a clear goal and vision helps save you some unnecessary expenses. You only spend on what’s required and plan your budget accordingly. 

Many practices have switched to custom dental software that is easier to use and prevents future expenses on training.

If you use a custom product, own it

There’s a reason why the demand for custom software has risen in the market, one being that the users can now own the product instead of renewing the membership/ownership every month or year. This benefit is something that is not available in the off-the-shelf software. 

Change is in your hands

As dental practice keeps reinventing itself using custom software or other tailor-made methods, you can change and grow as you see fit. If a tool is not working for you then you can always get custom software and make appropriate changes to reflect and meet your requirements.

Stay on top of the competitive market

The not-so-obvious advantage of custom-made software or customizing your business to cater to your needs is that you grow constantly. Your workflow and patient care are made better which in turn improves patient retention, and your staff has better productivity. All these lead to having a successful dental practice. This provides you with a competitive edge over your rivals in the industry.


Dental practices need to embrace the change that technology brings to the world and employ the tools to their advantage. Hesitation and confusion are prevalent in many businesses but only when the change becomes normal, a business can grow. We at BPK Tech help dental practices achieve that change through our custom software solutions. Our team can customize various solutions for your practice. How? Contact us now and find out.

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