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Imagine you are taking a yacht out to sea. Even the shoreline is still in view, it’s very difficult to use the trial-and-error method using the land as a reference to reach the shore. However, when you can no longer see the shore it gets much more complicated. Unless you have a compass, you’re left floating in the direction the wind takes you, with no ability to know where you are or if you are getting closer to where you want to be.

In the same way, running a practice without meaningful insights into the decisions you make is a similar experience. How can you effectively navigate the competitive landscape and fast-pace of the modern business world without the ability to know where you are and how you’re performing? You must know what levers to pull and how that action impacts your practice’s growth. Essentially, you need a compass for your practice.

The best way to help control the direction of the practice’s growth is to measure key performance indicators (KPIs), analyze the metrics, and make the appropriate adjustments. By constantly making adjustments, you can gain control of where your practice growth is headed.

One of the most powerful outcomes of tracking metrics is the ability to make data-driven decisions and rapidly respond to indicators in your business – whether good or bad.

You may wonder, how a dental KPI dashboard helps your practice.

KPI dashboard helps you:

  • To measure relevant metrics that highlight the essential KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • To measure growth metrics that reveal how your daily decisions are impacting your practice alongside KPIs
  • Helps you to stay on top of trends that have produced growth.

A dental dashboard keeps all of these pieces up-to-date and easy-to-navigate in real-time and customizable reports. A dental dashboard can help you to get the bird eye view of your practice’s metrics.

Does Dashboard integrate with your existing PMS and provide one-stop data access?

Integration is essential when choosing a dental dashboard. Its ability to plug-and-play with your existing PMS system and it is also key to mining your data for growth opportunities. Your KPI dashboard should be able to connect to one or all, from all your locations, with all your data, in real-time.

Will dashboard allow you to tailor it as per your requirements?

Each dental practice is unique. This makes customization an essential feature for your dental dashboard so that you are not bound by default settings and layouts and can customize your dashboard based on your practice’s requirements.

Managing your metrics, data, and essential KPIs requires an amount of time and energy. Streamline the process with an all-in-one solution that includes the essential capabilities expected from a dental dashboard.

BPK Tech’s custom dashboard helps assure that you’re tracking the important metrics and staying on-track with your goals as your dental practice and/or DSO grows and expands. Our seamless custom dental dashboard gives you a bird’s eye view of your dental practice. You have everything you need to know about your patients, all in one place.

This real-time information enables you to optimize patient flow, minimize delays, reduce patients’ wait times, and handle the unexpected. Our custom dashboard automatically pulls relevant information from your PMS and combines it with real-time actionable data, and delivers result-oriented content.

If you are looking for a custom dental dashboard, BPK Tech provides an intuitive and seamless dashboard to track the key metrics with the help of analytic reports. We always want to help your practice succeed. Happy tracking!

Want to learn more? We’d love to show you how BPK Tech’s custom dashboard helps you improve the growth of your independent practice as well as DSOs with our KPIs.

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