QA Automation or Test Automation is an absolute necessity at present

The need for software, in almost every field, is increasing day by day and there are more potential risks associated with software malfunctions. Hence, companies need to test their software in every possible case of use and, thus, extend to the customers their Quality Assurance pledge.

Most people in the software industry know the following two things about QA testing tools: first, there are distinct differences between manual and automated testing. Second, there is too much work, and too many errors a developer needs to take care of in the manual method. One can, thus, easily deduce the need for testing the software before it is put into use by the clients and, more than that, the inevitability of automated software testing. BPK Tech steps into the picture here as a provider of expert knowledge and automation testing tools.

How Inevitable is Automated Testing?

A manual testing engineer plays the role of an end-user and follows a written test plan while maintaining records of his findings in log files and SQL. There are many such repetitive tasks to be performed by the inspector in a formal testing process which the automation testing tools, if in place, can avoid entirely. Besides, the best QA Automation tools can give you a lead in the sense that they are critical in the following two software engineering approaches:
  1. Continuous delivery, in which software production is done in short cycles, and
  2. Continuous testing, which aims to reduce developer waiting time for feedback.

We, at BPK Tech, help our clients in automating their existing manual test cases or starting all over in automation with our in-depth automation knowledge and innovative QA testing tools. If you are in a company doing manual Quality Assurance Testing, it means you are spending money to build QA resources and much time on some laborious tasks associated with it, especially if the scale of the project is large.  Add to that, the error-prone nature of the work since it involves high human interaction at all stages. Such problems are nothing but a result of inevitable human involvement in doing some mundane tasks again and again. Whereas some of the best QA Automation tools allow for reusability of test cases and solves the issue.

Automated software testing, while solving these problems, gives us the following advantages:

  • Framework Approach: QA Automation provides us with the possibility of going by framework approach which is an integrated system of building block components that simplifies the automation effort. The advantage is that you do not need to change the entire driver script and startup script if there is a change initiated in any test case.
  • Time: While automation testing tools does save the time spent on exploratory testing and tedious tasks like low-level regression testing, it is used in coding these tests and repeatedly making the needed adjustments. This way, time is spent on more pressing issues in your software such as customer needs, functionality, and improvements.
  • Cost: The initial cost of implementation is high compared to manual testing which, however, is justified in the long run since it reduces the necessity for multiple coding revisions. Again, it indirectly pays off by freeing you for more important issues as said above and by saving the time involved.

One common misconception is that the automated method is superior to manual means. While it is true to some extent, it highly depends upon the applicability. QA Automation, however, has an unassailable lead in the automation of big projects in particular.


What is Our Work Plan?

BPK Tech’s QA Automation is a proven model for automated software testing that has fetched us recognition in the IT industry. We employ our own unique framework to run tests. We have a 5-step approach which is elucidated as follows:

  1. Identify System: We examine our client’s software and identify how it fits in our framework to proceed forward since it involves the selection of test tools based upon the technology under which the application is built on.
  2. Understand the Need: We look for specific things and define the scope of automation such as the areas of automated testing, the complexity of test cases under concern, and so on.
  3. Leverage BPK Tech’s QA Automation Framework: Our unique framework is used to create the infrastructure where different tools can do their job in a unified manner to provide the solution.
  4. Setup Framework: The framework is then used to define the format to express the expected results and the execution and reporting of the results. This is done with the help of innovative QA testing tools that we have developed in our lab.
  5. Report Results: The reports are generated once the framework is run against the test application, and test cases are executed by it.


Why Should We be the Right Choice for You?

  • Multi-Domain Expertise: Since we have a highly talented team specializing in multiple domains from software development for physicians to large DSOs, we know all about software development. It is, thus, highly helpful to design QA testing tools that would be seamlessly operating over different types of applications.
  • Experienced Hands: The team at BPK Tech consists mostly of engineers who are at least having five to ten years of experience in Agile, analytics, and in developing apps for the cloud, desktop, and mobile apart from being well-equipped with skill sets required for automated software testing and using best QA automation tools.
  • Business Ethics: We do not force our clients to sign long-term contracts as we believe in the quality of our work for retaining them rather than making legal bonds. Hence, customers are free to change their mind anytime as they get to see the updates and progress on a regular basis.

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