Open Dental API & Architecture for All Growing Dental Practices

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Open Dental is an open-source dental practice management software that is suitable for both small and large dental practices. Open Dental is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), the standard open-source license. Fast and stable, Open Dental software is built with web-based features aimed at increasing productivity and efficiency, enhancing access for providers and patients, and improving the patient experience. Open Dental API allows dental practices to automatically send appointment reminders to patients through text messages and emails.

Open Dental Software Architecture:

BPK Tech has partnered with Open Dental to develop custom solutions such as extensions or add-ons. We have a large development team that has in-depth experience with Open Dental architecture and data. Our engineering team thoroughly knows how to completely extract data from hundreds of individual servers because we have helped several customers consolidate data through various methods to simplify technology footprint. Our custom-built software is designed to be scalable, reliable,­ and aid performance at a whole new level. Some Examples:
  1. Open Dental Loyalty Program
The primary step to build a roster of loyal patients starts with the first interaction. Open Dental has the tools to make each step seamless. With the Open Dental integration, we built a patient/customer loyalty program that includes support for offices accepting government-funded plans.
  1. Open Dental Social Review
Open Dental has all the tools to help you grow your dental practice! If you’re already using Open Dental, your account can be integrated with BPK Tech to send out review invitations automatically from Open Dental. This integration will eliminate the need for your employees to manually send out invites, allowing them to focus on patient care and other important efforts. All the while still providing your business with great online reviews!

Open Dental Custom Dashboard

Our dashboard’s seamless integration will enhance your affiliated dental practices ROI and patient flow. The Open Dental custom dashboard lets your growing DSOs collect, prepare, analyze, visualize, and track data of all your associated practice’s data.

Check out the below steps to discover the complete Open Dental Software Architecture and BPK Tech integration procedure.

Step 1: Pull the data from Open Dental Patient Management System through our custom Window Service (which will fetch new data every 15 minutes). Step 2: The received data from Window Service will then be pushed to Azure storage in the form of .csv files. Step 3: The .csv files will be converted into source tables (as per PMS requirement) using the SSIS package. Step 4: Source tables will be validated in various stages in the SSIS package to remove junk data. Step 5: The destination table is the final database, which we require for API development. Step 6: Finally, the Front-End application (Angular) will consume those API’s and populate the required data into the dashboard.   The software architecture of Open Dental:
Open Dental software uses the below entities for dental software development. Plugin(s):
  • Plug-ins are an extension of the Program Links framework, so a button can be placed at the top of any module.
  • Open Dental Plug-in architecture allows you to add any functionality that you want to, without touching its source code.
  • Open Dental Plugin works as a Desktop application.
  • Plugins can be converted into the .exe format and installed on any server.
  • A plug-in can connect to the database through the framework and does not need to manage database connection info.
  • If the plug-in makes use of extra database tables, the plug-in dll needs to create and manage those tables.
  • If a developer releases a plug-in for others to use they will probably need to maintain multiple versions, one for each minor release.
Bridges: Within Open Dental, you can link to external programs that you use within your affiliated dental practices. Those links are called “bridges”, and all you need to do is set up a Program Link. You can even add a clickable button or menu option that launches the external program.
  • Program Bridges need to be set up on the server and workstations.
  • Select the digital imaging software you will bridge to.
  • You can determine what other third-party software you will bridge to (Example: credit card processing, reminders, insurance benefit info).
Code: Open Dental uses Microsoft .NET and database (MySQL) for programming. Since we’re for growing DSOs and their affiliated practices, our goal has always been to create a custom-based software that’s as useful as it is easy-to-use. We leave no stone unturned to support you and your affiliated practices with our custom-based software solutions. So, we welcome, all Solo Practices and growing DSOs to connect with us for intuitive Open Dental integrated custom-based software! We look forward to meeting you.

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