Make Your Growing DSOs THE TALK OF THE TOWN with Our Custom Software Solutions

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Are you looking for custom software to grow your dental practices’ ROI and outcomes? As a dental industry expert and custom software developers, we thoroughly know how to extract data in its entirety from hundreds of individual servers and we understand the requirements and industry specific pain points of dental practices. Having worked with more than 80+ dental practice management systems, we have developed custom-built software, which is scalable, reliable, ¬ and accelerates the performance of dental practices at a whole new level. Here we have narrowed down how our custom software offers solutions to your pain points and how we can improve your affiliated practices’ patient flow, productivity, and outcomes. Read on to find out more.

Pain Point 1:

  • Are you facing problems while performing data extraction to get accurate data?
  • Do you want to migrate data from your windows application to the cloud?

BPK Tech’s Solution:

We pull data from various servers through our custom Window Service, to get accurate data while performing this detailed data extraction. The received data from our custom Window Service will be pushed to Azure storage in the form of .csv files, which will be converted into source tables (as per PMS requirement) using the SSIS package. Source tables will be validated in various stages in the SSIS package to remove junk data. Finally, the Front-End application (Angular) will consume those API’s and populate the required data into the dashboard.

Pain Point 2:

  • Does your existing software integrate seamlessly with your PMS?
  • Are you facing problems creating an efficient workflow to aid your growing DSOs?

BPK Tech’s Solution:

With BPK Tech, you will be able to streamline and inspire growth in your technology, workflow, and practice operations with no interruptions. We will migrate your existing software into Open Source PMS, so you can have access to everything you use. With our custom software solutions, it is easy to integrate imaging, x-rays, and intra-oral cameras into your existing software. This means you can easily and instantly access all required data from any of your practice locations. While managing a growing DSO or solo practice can feel overwhelming, we at BPK Tech have the perfect solutions to lessen your burden. You already have a lot to worry about; increasing the practice’s productivity, profitability, and looking for new ways to improve business. So, let our custom software solutions solve your real business problems allowing you to focus on running a more profitable practice.

How Can BPK Tech Streamline Your Affiliated Dental Practices?

Numerous software providers host custom dental software, but they are no match for BPK Tech. That is because we are well-versed with the complexities of dental practices and understand their specific needs, allowing us to meet essential requirements for dental practices. We are not only custom software development experts, but our team has deep expertise in dental IT, especially when it comes to DSOs. No matter how many dental practices are in your DSO, you still need to see whether they are generating results. When you choose BPK Tech it means we’ll take care of all the IT development part so you can focus on growing your practice – and we can even help you do it in less time than you might imagine.

How Does BPK Tech Stand Apart from Other Software Providers?

Managing a DSO/solo practice can involve a whole lot more than you expected. Not only do you have to treat patients, but you also must market your practice and set appointments, secure billing, verify insurance coverage, and a whole lot more. With our custom software solutions, all these responsibilities that fill up your plate are streamlined, giving you time for what matters: taking care of your affiliated practices. Our custom software contains a host of features that help to make the operation of your affiliated practices more efficient, rendering your practice management a whole lot easier. 1. Features and Functionality 2. Ease of Use 3. Cost 4. Security and Compliance 6. Trusted and Recommended by Peers

Ready to Bring Your Practice to the Next Level?

Having the right software, the right people, and the right data will help you scale up your affiliated practices effectively. If you are ready to improve your affiliated practices ROI and patient flow, contact us today. We will listen to your needs and help you find solutions with our custom software development.

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