Improved turnaround time for claims with our RCM solutions

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The Challenge:

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Our customer wanted an automated approach that could improve the irrevenue cycle by collecting overdue claims from both insurance carriers and patients. The customer had four different PMS systems and the call center staff of 20 needed to learn all PMS systems, its ways of working, and then glean out relevant information to call patients and payors to get updates on pending claims. With the high employee turn-over, learning the PMS system was another bigger headache.

To achieve their revenue cycle management (RCM) goals, they needed a robust, scalable solution that completely removed PMS dependency, training, and the need of updating all four PMS systems manually. So, our customer approached and partnered BPK Tech to streamline and improve their revenue cycle and to build an efficient RCM solution for their DSO.

Our Solution:

Our customer needed a solution to speed up the turnaround time for claims and prevent revenue from slipping through the cracks, particularly potential revenue from denials and pending payments from patients. With our robust revenue cycle management solution in place, our customer was able to eliminate slowdowns in A/R billing/claims.

Before implementing our solution, our customer’s claims & billing were fragmented and inefficient. With our custom revenue cycle management solution deployed, they enjoyed cleaner claims, faster payments, quicker-follow-up, and an accelerated revenue cycle.

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