Here’s Why Following Covid Measures Is Still Important

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There is a new sense of happiness and freedom with the rollouts of the vaccine that began earlier this year. People have resumed their long-paused outdoor schedules such as getting together with friends, going out, and even public celebrations. Not only in US but all across the globe, we can already see the situations on the way back to normal. However, have you ever asked yourself:

Is it too soon? Well, unfortunately, the answer to this question may is positive.


Reasons To Worry About

 People are getting vaccinated, or vaxed as some individuals would like to call it, however, there is still a huge chunk of the population who are not vaccinated. What that means is that so many things can go wrong. Vaccinated people can still transmit the coronavirus which means you are not yet safe outside. What is more, there are few aspects of vaccination that you must need to know about before you hang up your face masks and sanitization gels. Let’s have a look:

  •  Vaccines do not offer 100% immunity against the virus.
  • The protection from the vaccine will not last for over six months (in most cases).
  • The virus is still ravaging the majority of US, we can’t yet take chances.
  • The attainment of herd immunity is a long haul to a target too far.

Therefore, no matter what you hear your friends and family say, you should be careful not to drop your guards. Yes, we have new hopes that the pandemic will come to an end, but it will need your cooperation.


Here’s What Dentists Need To Do

 In such a scenario, it may get very hard for dentists to keep the dangers of virus at the bay. How do you ensure complete safety when you have new patients coming in every day? Well, there are some effective methods you can follow. Want to know what experts have to say about following covid control protocols alongside national vaccination? Here are some points from them:

  • Imbibe software solutions into the dental practice as much as possible, check out what can help.
  • Every patient must be screened before he/she is taken in for dental treatment.
  • Try to improve the quality of phone and video consultation for patients who are hesitant to visit the dentist physically.
  • Disinfection of the entire clinic – including the office is a must.
  • Take necessary precautions not to provide a covid-encouraging atmosphere such as removal of bell-button at the entrance.
  • Wear adequate protective gear and urge your patients to do the same.
  • Follow proper social distancing measures, and do not overcrowd.

The Bottom Line

Keep growing your business and making a positive change with your services. Just remember that you cannot afford to have a loose grip on any aspect of security. Want more details on what technologies can help you in your thoughtful endeavor, take a look at what BPK Tech has to offer



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