Here Are the Four Most Important Questions to Ask Your Software Vendor. Don’t Miss Question #4!

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Planning on purchasing a dental practice management software to manage all the day-to-day activities of your dental practice?

Then you will need to do an in-depth background research to choose the right dental management software for your dental practice. However, with so many options available on the market, it may be difficult for you to choose the best custom dental software that ensures the success of your practice. In order to help you, we’ve narrowed it down to four key questions you should ask your software vendor. We hope the below questions will be helpful to you while buying dental PMS software for your practice.

1. What features does the software come with?

Initially, you should know all the features of the software that you are buying. This is important because the extent of features your dental practice management software has will determine the efficiency and productivity of your dental practice. Always remember that at minimum software features should include appointment scheduling, treatment plans, patients’ records storage, customizable reporting, and contact databases. And finally, you need to check whether it can be integrated seamlessly into your practice or not.
Note: If you choose custom software for your dental practice that comes with unnecessary complexities, it may impair the productivity of your dental practice.

2. Does the software offer data protection and security?

Being a dental practice owner, you must ensure your patient’s data security. Therefore, it should be a top priority of any dental practice management software you may purchase. The software must have a strong infrastructure to safeguard your patient’s records. To ensure that your patients’ confidential data does not fall into the hands of hackers, your dental management software should have encryption technologies, restricted user access, world-class data storage, data backups, continuous surveillance systems, and other modern security capabilities.

3. Does the software offer a cloud deployment option?

Ask your vendor whether they offer a cloud-based dental practice management software or not. If they do offer it, then go for that option because cloud technology offers several advantages and improved security. Therefore, when buying a dental practice management software, choosing a cloud-based version will help you achieve cost savings, improved data security, and hassle-free management of patients’ data.

4. Is the software compliant with existing industry standards?

Your dental practice will store a lot of patient’s data. If your dental practice’s records are misused by hackers, the confidential details of your patients and your practice data may be exposed to the public. This may affect the reputation and profitability of your dental practice. For that reason, you should buy a dental management software that is compliant with the most current industry regulatory standards, ensuring that your data protection measures are always compliant with existing regulations. So, don’t avoid asking your vendor this important question.
Asking these questions to your software vendor can help you to discover any potential loopholes and also help you to gauge whether the software has the seamless security features you need to maintain the trust of your patients and providers. By choosing BPK Tech’s custom dental software, you’ll get a wide range of state-of-the-art features that are specifically designed to enhance your dental practice’s efficiency, patient flow, ROI, security, and keep patients smiling.

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