Dental Automation: The way to boost your practice’s productivity!

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Just as no drug company would fill medicine bottles by hand and no automaker would run without robotic systems on its factory floor, automation will be increasingly common in the future to enable your dental practice to compete effectively. Well, what can increase your practice’s productivity? The answer is simple: You should measure your dental practice’s profitability.

But, how to improve your Dental Practice’s Productivity?

Dental automation is the golden ticket for improved productivity. Yes, automation helps you manage your data accurately. You can now wonder, how automation helps dental practices run more efficiently? Generally, dental automation helps things (Like day-to-day tasks) that are set in the background to run efficiently. In this case, you can use automated reports to track your practice metrics. You could also automate tasks like insurance/claims processing so that you can stay more focused on patient care. And this helps you to save a lot of time. That’s the power of automation😊 But, specifically, what are the areas of your dental practice where software automation can make the biggest difference?

1: Back up your patient data:

This is the biggest task for all dental practice owners without automation. But we at BPK Tech (Being dental industry experts) make this task happen in the background. Not only can you backup your patient data with ease, but you can also recover from a system crash in just 15 minutes-something that took hours to recover from in the past. What’s more, dental automation helps you to back up patient data not just to your servers, but also to the cloud. So, no matter what, your patient’s data can be secure and safe.

2: Patients communication:

In the past, the other time-consuming task for dental practices in communicating with their patients. But now this can be automated quite easily with BPK Tech. We help you automate simple reminder emails, calls, texts, and patients can schedule appointments online. All of which can help boost productivity.

3: Claims/insurance process:

The claims and insurance process in dental practices have been very time-consuming. Whether it’s confirming eligibility, insurance to-dos, and reviewing claims can take a long time. But software automation can help dental practice owners to relieve that stress and can result in real bottom-line savings. And you can completely forget about those long phone calls to insurance companies or visiting payer websites.  With our custom software solutions, we help you to check on eligibility right in the platform, saving you hours on the phone. And there are certainly other areas of running a dental practice where software automation can help – with the biggest potential for immediate impact. Dental Dashboard can help you analyze practice’s data, track progress toward business goals, and spot red flags. Essentially this kind of software runs in the background and sends automated reports every day so you can manage your practice more efficiently. Dental automation will most likely allow dental practice owners to take your productivity and patient experience to a whole new level.  Automating simple tasks can truly improve your practice’s productivity. Whether it’s appointment reminders, managing the claims process, or backing up your patient data, dental software automation can allow you to focus more time on your patients. Well, being dental industry experts, we at BPK Tech, always help to mitigate the dentists and make the software systems a bit easier with our technical guidance. We’ve been a part of hundreds of software changes (Providing technical guidance) for our customers over the years.

A little brief about BPK Tech’s custom software solutions:

We at BPK Tech take pride in offering comprehensive custom dental software solutions exclusively to dental practices for over 13+ years. We at BPK Tech have successfully developed custom software solutions for 140+ clients by assembling a clear roadmap.

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