BPK Tech stays in perfect sync with Eaglesoft seamless integration

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We have partnered with Eaglesoft to streamline custom software solutions and meet requirements essential for all dental practices. Being an experienced and proven technology partner of Eagelsoft, we have been able to deliver custom software solutions for dental practices. Even if your practice management system does not allow custom extensions, we will build an extension around it so you can still have a seamless experience.

How is Eaglesoft integrated seamlessly with BPK Tech software?

Check out the below steps to find out the complete Eaglesoft -BPK Tech integration procedure.
  • Brilliant software development team: At BPK Tech, we have a large team of software developers, who perfectly understand Eaglesoft architecture and data. Our engineering team thoroughly knows how to completely extract data from hundreds of individual servers because we have helped several customers consolidate data through various methods to simplify technology footprint. Our custom-built software is designed to be scalable, reliable, and aid performance at a whole new level.
  • Data extraction and reporting: We can extract data and compile into several different reports. Our software engineers extract data from Eagelsoft PMS through different stages of ETL process such as:
    • Process for data extraction
    • ETL jobs while transforming and loading mechanism
    • Scripts to execute for data extraction
    • Data quality assurance

We will take the raw data output from your practice management systems and validate it with various business rules to automate the entire workflow. BPK has built several custom solutions to help you automate, visualize, and increase your ROI so that you can focus on patient care.

  • Custom Extensions: We can also do custom extensions with Eaglesoft. We have completed numerous custom extensions with Eaglesoft for several clients. Our expert team understands how to leverage the latest technologies to create custom software extensions.Custom extensions we have finished so far:
    • Add-on plugins
    • Additional Features
    • Advance enhancements
    • Update on the current application
    • API designing
  • Integration: In conjunction with Eaglesoft, we have helped customers to build new and additional applications. We can build new products like an app or build applications around your practice management system. Don’t know where to start? We can help build APIs for you that will read and write data into your practice management system.
BPK Tech and Eaglesoft integrations will bring you the most efficient technology for your dental practice! Curious to learn more about our integration with Eaglesoft? You can reach us at bettersystem@bpktechmail.com or (612) 293 7585.

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