Best Automation Techniques for a Business 

Are you looking to expand your dental portfolio, get more patients, expand your practice, and reach new heights in your business you never thought possible? Well, this is something every business person looks for after successfully launching their new business. Though the path to success or skyrocketing your business’s sales is not an easy road. Especially when you are running multiple dental practices with some of the best automation techniques for a business. 

Now, don’t get discouraged, we never mentioned the term “impossible”, we just said the road ahead is going to be “difficult”. So, what can you do to make it easier and quickly achieve the goals that you set for your practice? The first things to improve are; productivity, gaining more patients, and making a good name for yourselves in the industry. All this is interlinked and starts with a simple process. 

There is no magical solution, all it takes is productivity. Well, optimal productivity is something you cannot achieve overnight, it is a process, sometimes a slow burn. In the end, it is worth it. 

Best Automation Techniques for a Business 

When you are running a dental practice or a group of dental practices, what sort of changes or improvements can you make to improve productivity? Well, we’re glad you asked because we have a few effective solutions in mind that will bring you astonishing results. The best way to improve productivity at your Dental Service Organization (DSO) or a business, is to use automation tools and services. There are a plethora of tools for automation that will simplify all the otherwise repetitive and time-consuming tasks. 

We at BPK Tech can help you with these various tools and services to transform your practice into what you’ve always wanted. How do we do that? With a wide range of custom IT solutions for dental automation that we offer to our customers. Let us see what you can get from our services and what are some of the best automation techniques for a business. Also, how they can help you. 

Some Best Automation Techniques for a Business

Agile Development Methodology 

Best Automation Techniques for DSOs 

If you are new to the agile development methodology, let us explain it in simple terms. A layman who isn’t familiar with the software development process still has a basic idea. This idea is that a group of people work on the development process for software, finish the product, test it, and then release it into the market. While many businesses still use this technique, it’s not the best one. At least not in this current age when everyone expects results immediately. 

Enter Agile development. Using this method, a team finds out the requirements of a client. They then form a plan to release the most immediate feature that the client is expecting from the product. The team works on the project and releases it in a few weeks. Mind you, this isn’t the finished product but the client can start employing it in their business. Over time, the other features and requirements are added to the product. The final product is released in a few months or years. 

Using agile development, a business or practice doesn’t have to wait for the whole development, rather they can start using it immediately. One major advantage of using agile is that you can quickly update the product according to the market while it is still in the development process. A dental practice can use such products to improve its productivity. They can keep their practice in line with the current trends in the industry. 

Other than using an agile process for dentistry software, the same process can be applied in a dental practice to improve its efficiency and KPIs. The KPIs are factors that are essential to understanding how the business or dental practice is running.

Azure Management 

Azure Management 

When it comes to managing all the processes at your business, it can get a bit difficult. There is a lot that goes into a business, and multiple teams handle various aspects of it. So, is there a way to make it easier for them? Well, there is. Employing Azure management in your business is a smart way to manage all the applications and processes.  

It helps with configuring your resources for optimal usage and provides access to many Azure management tools. Those tools for automation will streamline most of your processes and make it so that you don’t have to use multiple procedures. Other than that, you also get a report on all the processes so that the team can keep themselves updated with all the aspects of the business. 

The above-mentioned report contains information on unit test cases, results on automated UI test cases, and a few other things. We at BPK Tech offer Azure DevOps and Azure Portal Administration. You can visit our website to find out more about the same. 

Testing & Quality Assurance 

Testing & Quality Assurance 

Any software or a process has to go through the testing phase. This is to make sure that the result is what you were expecting. After a product has gone through the development phase, it then goes into testing to find out if there are any bugs in the product and if the deliverables are met. There’s also the issue of quality, and every customer often has to worry if their product meets the quality requirement or not.  

Every software will pass through the software development cycle to make sure that the quality is what the client expects. During this process, API testing, performance testing, negative testing, database testing, and a few other testings are done. I understand that a business owner doesn’t have the time to understand or care about these things. That’s the reason we offer you our services and do all the heavy lifting.  

If you want to learn a little more about this, then check this testing and quality assurance article from

Wrapping Up 

These are some of the best automation techniques for a Business. Similarly, there are a few other tools for automation and techniques for development procedures that many businesses are in dire need of. Handling business is your job, so you can leave all the technical stuff to us. Sit back and relax while we automate your business to provide optimal results that you have long been waiting for. Check out our services to learn more. Visit: BPK Tech. 

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