Azure Management

BPK Tech can provide you with assistance in managing your Azure resources, providing access to resources, or Azure DevOps in terms of CI/CD pipeline creation etc.


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Simplified Development with Azure Managment

Our Azure certified engineers can take care of your services while you focus on your core business.

We will provide you with recommendations on savings, optimal resource configuration, requirements for SOC-2 compliance and more.

BPK Tech will streamline the Continuous Integration and Continuous Development and Deployment by automating the entire process and reducing it to a one-click operation. A detailed report gets generated on a daily basis on the health of the build, including the unit test cases execution or automated UI test case results.

This will give your team the additional hours to focus on quality product/project development rather than focus on DevOps related work on CI/CD.

Azure services offered

We implement a CI/CD pipeline configuration for your project. Recommendation of repo structure, Unit test integration and deployment options on Azure.

We’ve created a way to help you Manage your Azure resources including monitoring costs, access management, SOC2 compliance, HIPAA Compliance in Azure, and so much more.

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